I’ll start with the wheat bread. Which honestly for zero carb/low carb products is fairly standard. The Internet was going crazy about this “keto” bread. I’ve been eating Aldi’s Zero Net Carb wheat bread. Most people, myself included, like bread. It almost tastes too good to be true also. It’s baked by a large commercial bakery that also bakes other popular brands such as Thomas muffins and SaraLee bread. I just haven’t figured out a toasting level, it seems to get really dark or not warm enough to melt my PB. I haven’t tried the multi grain yet. Both of these breads do contain one dreaded ingredient: Soybean Oil. It’s AWFUL. The trouble is, it’s a little hard to get your hands on a loaf. Be aware that a serving is 2 slices rather than just one. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about eating a good piece of bread, and who doesn’t love a good sandwich or burger? The ThinSlim Zero Net Carb Bread is one of the most popular bread brands because of its extremely lowest amount of carbs, as all its carb content is just fiber. So I tend to not pay as much attention to ingredients as the very by the book Keto-er. And quite frankly, they are cheaper by far. Low Karb - Keto Bread Mix - Only 2g Net Carbs per slice - Makes 1 Large Loaf - Low Carb Food - Easy Baking (13.3 oz) (1 Count) 10/10 We have selected this product as being #2 in Best Zero Carb Bread … I really liked the taste, texture, and size of a slice of this bread. At the price though, I was definitely going to finish that first loaf. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. (It’s not really a bagel though, the only bagel thing about it is the shape of the bread.). It’s made completely out of sprouted grains without any flour so it has a lower glycemic index than regular bread (36 versus around 75 for most other breads). Buy on Amazon. The second reason being the taste. Que Monty Python And The Holy Grail, “GET ON WITH IT!”. Like other members of the Julian Bakery line, it’s not cheap – $7.99 for 16 slices. Your email address will not be published. Keto Bread, 0 (Zero) Net Carbs Per Serving, 3... $30.20. Low-carb bread is typically made with a lot of dietary fiber (which is indigestible and doesn’t affect blood sugars) and/or nut flours (which are higher in fat but lower in carbs than regular flour). A lot of times you do sacrifice a bit of taste to be able to get that little bit of familiar comfort. I have tried the Mission brand of the Carb Balance tortillas and they are decent, but the ones I get now have much more flavor and are much easier to use. But here they are in my possession. Buy on Amazon. The multiseed also has a higher fat content, while the wheat only has 1 gram. I could tell I was eating bread, but other than that it just didn’t have any other taste to it for me. However, I often notice a relatively steep blood sugar impact when I eat this bread. (See: Aldi’s New Keto (Zero-Net-Carb) Bread Is So Hard to Find, People Are Selling It on eBay.) She is a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in diabetes. It has a mild almost nutty flavor and it toats and smells just like a whole grain muffin. She’s a diabetes advocate, public speaker, and author of the popular diabetes book Fit With Diabetes. View all posts by LynneKitty. The biscuits aren’t large (about 1.3 oz.) It was far cheaper to receive and purchase the product from them, whereas in order for me to afford the ThinSlim bread, I believe in total it was around 50 dollars. That bread! In this article, I’ll review 10 of the most popular and widely available brands. This is fairly similar to the wheat, in that it smells just like bread, it’s soft, and feels like actual bread. ThinSlim Zero Net Carb Bread. If you feel the same, then by all means, give this ingredient a miss, and enjoy a few things. Nature’s Harvest is another bread you’ll see on the shelves in most grocery stores. Home » Diet » Low Carb Foods » Low-Carb Bread Review: 10 Popular Brands Tested. I just haven’t figured out a toasting level, it seems to get really dark or not warm enough to melt my PB. Carb Zero comes in an original flavor and a cinnamon version, which could be enjoyed for making French toast, bread puddings or other sweet applications. Please try again. Now, that is something that you can’t say too often with certain Keto products. I came across this brand on Instagram and I like several of their baked to order products, including this Everything Bagel. For more alternatives, take a look at our list of Zero Carb Breads or use the search box. I haven’t tried the multi grain yet. Did I finally get my hands on these mythical beasts? It’s a wheat-based bread and it’s baked with soy so it’s not a good choice for those looking to avoid gluten or soy. I guess that we can leave to the imagination.