Geographers don't look at religion with the goal of altering, judging, or influencing the beliefs of others. This segmentation process is used in social and commercial activities for instance, social and political campaigns, advertisement and so on. Also called the Age of Dinosaurs. And if its true that your beliefs are all based on where you are born then they can only go so far because somewhere else they dont believe that your beliefs are based on your geography. Trelow May 13, 2007, 10:27pm #4. region of southwest Asia and northeast Africa. military. My Reason for being Atheist- Religion is highly based on your geography I grew up in a very religious household and when religion is shoved down your throat, it's easy to have a negative experience. It explores the ways in which religion, its symbols, rites, beliefs and hopes have shaped the world in which we live. We used to think agriculture gave rise to cities and later to writing, art, and religion. Due the the nature of truth, only one belief can be right. Noun (250 million years ago-65 million years ago) second era in the Phanerozoic eon. Target audience segmentation means a dynamic way of separating people into analogous subgroups based on geographic, demographic, and psychographic factors. Now the world’s oldest temple suggests the urge to worship sparked civilization. Noun. Also, the more educated I became, taking classes on history during that time, other religion classes, etc, the more I started to doubt my own faith. armed … Noun. Mesozoic. In the sixteenth-seventeenth century Geographers studied the spread of Christianity on a worldwide scale, Why? You’re partially right. in the geography-religion interface. Middle East. Since your an atheist(? language. set of sounds, gestures, or symbols that allows people to communicate. Two very different approaches have been adopted in recent work - 'religious geography' and 'geography of religion'. Noun. The Relationship Between Geography and Religion It can be clearly sensed by the influence of religion shaping our world, being understood by what inhabits it. Geography (from Greek: γεωγραφία, geographia, literally "earth description") is a field of science devoted to the study of the lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena of the Earth and planets. The first person to use the word γεωγραφία was Eratosthenes (276–194 BC). Geography of Religion. religion based on the holy book of the Torah and the teaching surrounding it. well It illustrates the dangers of what I call, “vertical proselytizing faith,” where you enforce your beliefs of religion on your kids when they’re too young to know otherwise. My own book Sacred Worlds: an introduction to Geography and Religion, was published in 1994.