SKU: WTBS . About This Listing. A trio of Wilkinson WVS Alnico V pickups give the guitar the perfect balance between scorching highs, rich mids and plummy low end, just what you'd expect from a guitar of this nature. Sales. The Wilkinson WVS50IIK is a knife edge vibrato where the front edge is being held in place by two posts that are threaded into two studs (your typical fulcrum spring-balanced knife edge pivoting system). The saddles on this tremolo are solid bars and are height adjustable by 2 allen posts. Wilkinson Tremolo By Gotoh. Wilkinson Replacement Bridge For Fender Telecaster. Wilkinson Contemporary 2 Post Fulcrum Tremolo. It's going in one of my strats and isn't the straight drop in I thought it was, so it'll be off to my techs when he tells me his finished the work he's done on the project I left him confused with a few weeks back A left hand neck and inverted Wilkinson Alnico V WVS pickups give the guitar both a characteristic appearance and a distinctive tonal combination, with more bass in th . Shipped From. The neck is a charm featuring a compound neck radius with medium stainless steel frets atop a roasted maple neck with a comfy C vintage … Good shopping experience. $10 + $5 Shipping. 41. Chris's Gear Garage. Price $200.00 - $220.00. I've got one, and it's sat in a box on my desk as I type! Quick Shipper. SKU: VS-100G. Other specifications include: Mahogany Body Arm, Hand, & Tummy Body … 2014. Quick Responder. SKU: VSVG. Wilkinson Vintage Tremolo By Gotoh. Wilkinson Replacement Half Size Bridge For Fender Telecaster. Glory be to the highest with Wilkinson VS-100N!!!!! The Wilkinson vibrato bridge, meanwhile, features an innovative stagger-drilled block which radically improves the guitar's intonation, whilst maintaining incredible return-to-pitch accuracy. Thanks StewMac … Price $48.00 - $66.00. Shopping was fast and pleasant, I especially appreciated the inclusion of special instruction section which came in very handy for my situation. Then that finish, with abalone logo, ring face inlays and side dots as extra flourishes - man, just stop with the feels! Watch. Price $210.00 - $235.00. Wilkinson righty whammy bar WVS 130 right handed 2020 Chrome. This one has a twin as well here at Eddie's. Wernersville, PA, United States. Price … Height adjustment of the bridge is achieved by turning the studs in or out. We suspect neither will last long. The finish is calm and peaceful and rock and roll all at the same time, and she sports a matching headstock - bonus! Amazing Thornbucker pickups that cry, scream and wail, and a Wilkinson WVS 130 tremolo that is as smooth as glass and as stable as a rock. By Alex Daniel from Castries STL Sunday, January 31, 2016 Verified Buyer. 40+ Joined Reverb. Mint. The Item was as advertised with everything listed included and was great quality also. Payment & Returns. SKU: WV2SB. Wilkinson Locking Tremolo Bridge - WVS 130 CRDirect replacement for the Gotoh 510 Tremelo   I sold the guitar I was going to put this on. You get everything as if it where new. Listing Sold. SKU: WTB. Right handed Wilkinson whammy bar For the WVS 130 bridge in chrome . read more… Message Seller. Price $46.00 - $64.00. A left hand neck and inverted Wilkinson Alnico V WVS pickups give the … The Vintage ReIssued Series V6JMH combines the very best of time-served aesthetics and forward-thinking design ingenuity to summon up six-string voodoo. She features V60LP and Thornbucker pickups to rip and roar, and an amazing Wilkinson WVS 130 2 post bridge and Suhr locking tuners to wiggle and wail. Make an Offer.