The perception is not far-fetched. The law serves oversized and over-resourced multinationals at grave expense to the individual. | FAQs. Specialising in business and commercial law can help aspirants master the legal aspects of running a business, both local and international. Students may choose to specialise in any of these subjects based on their strengths, interests, or chosen career path. The short answer is that I believe commercial law has immense power for social good. First, commercial law is considered to be highly demanding, so much so that corporate and commercial lawyers suffer from diminishing to non-existent social lives. 1. In a globalised world there are two pertinent environments for development: the micro or internal environment of the state in question, and the macro or external or global environment. Exemplary style. LLM Guide: Top 10 Reasons For Doing an LLM Program, Covid-19 Information For LLM Students In The UK, The chance to apply for one of our 15 exclusive PGS Bursaries. Keep it up. Top 10 LLMs In Corporate Law In The UK & Europe. So why would I want to practice in this field of law? [email protected] / @Brad_Cibane, The endless rhetoric about this being a career development opportunity sounds empty at best, deliberately misleading at worst. We assume that laws are products of capitalism, designed solely to entrench and maintain the system with its injustices. A student of Anarchism. In a globalised world there are two pertinent environments for development: the micro or internal environment of the state in question, and the macro or external or global environment. Therefore, I haven’t thought as far as how I want to be part of the change in the system. Business law by itself is an umbrella term which usually spans commercial, corporate, and security laws and offers subject enthusiasts a deep understanding of several legalities that are associated with a business environment. Pursuing a career in business requires aspirants to be aware of legalities that govern business environments. Unfortunately, the law has thus far focused almost exclusively on the micro environment. The capacity to understand business problems and working towards a suitable legal solutions will prove a definite advantage when facing job interviews and when on the job as well. Now and I again my friends, who seem never to pay attention to anything I tell them, ask me about my career plans. LLB (UKZN), MIBL (UCL, France). Thus, students are bound to get adept at anticipating legal needs and fulfilling them suitably when entrusted with the responsibility in real time. “So, which area of law will you specialise in?” they ask. An LLM in business and commercial law can help students gain a complete grasp of laws that regulate among others, the financial and commercial operations of a company. 5. The longer answer follows. I hope that engagements with members of society and colleagues from the profession will give me headway. Having an LLM from a British university will definitely be advantageous on your CV. The effect is that the micro environment is not legally equipped or appropriately tailored to integrate into the global environment. However if you known that for example, you ultimately want to work in the USA you would probably be better off studying your LLM at an American law school. Nice blog! Privacy Policy | Corporate firms need to comply with a whole gamut of laws, including but not limited to international law, intellectual property, trademarks, labour, commercial arbitration, finance, taxation, insurance, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and investment securities. 6. Business acumen backed by legal prowess is definitely bound to be a winning combination for any youngster venturing into the competitive business environment. So why would I want to practice in this field of law? There’s no escape from law in business operations. It is not true that the sole purpose of the law is to entrench and maintain the system and its excesses. © 2020 | Any sort of regulation that diminishes profits may cause investors to take their business elsewhere. Contact Us | 4. 1. This course can help law students and lawyers hone their knowledge on different business challenges, opening up job opportunities in the business sector. Wow.!!! 3. Conflicting messages about the pandemic beg us to go the way of philosophers and examine every claim to validity or truth, particularly with regard to evidence. Why pursue a career in commercial law? The course can prove a stepping stone to several challenging job opportunities in the business and legal sectors. This is the assumption I wish to challenge. 2. Many centuries ago the law evolved as a tool for monarchs to maintain order and control over their subjects. LLM Overview: What is a Master of Laws Program? Whether from a business or legal background, students pursuing this course will be able to fully appreciate the legal requirements of a business, as well as the impact of these rules (both pros and cons) on the way in which the business functions. If I pursue LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law from london, will I be able to apply for jobs in other foreign countries as well? I must admit that the balance is intricate. This would also enable you to make 'local' contacts. Let’s explore six reasons for whom and why this course could prove a good choice. By submitting your comment you agree to our privacy policy. Adherence to local laws at every step of a business venture – right from starting a new company to hiring employees and paying up taxes – is important to avoid being pulled-up for non-compliance.