Organic compounds are things like CH4, methane, that contain carbon and almost always hydrogen. The difference between the two is that hydrogen chloride is a gas, and hydrochloric acid is an aqueous solution. 3 years ago. Why isn't HCl called hydrogen monochloride? Hydrogen chloride gas and hydrochloric acid have the same chemical formula: HCl. CuSO4‧5H2O(s) is a solid compound where … tony. Active 3 years, 1 month ago. 2 Answers. Lv 7. HCl and CCl4 are not ionic compounds because they are formed by share of electrons. Why? Answer Save. Is HCl(aq) an ionic compound dissolved in water? Is CuSO4‧5H2O(s) an ionic compound or a mixture? Relevance. Since hydrogen has the same number of valence electrons as alkali metals, why can't water be ionic? But carbon is the essential thing that makes it organic. 1 decade ago. Why isn't water an ionic compound? Ask Question Asked 5 years, 11 months ago. Favorite Answer . share | improve this question | follow | edited Nov 18 '16 at 15:17. user7951 asked Nov 18 '16 at 14:20. user2152816 user2152816. An ionic compound is a giant structure of ions. This is what I'm thinking: $$ \ce{(H^+)_2O^{2-}} $$ Thank you. inorganic-chemistry nomenclature. In fact I can't think of any organic compounds with no hydrogen. However, if water is added to hydrogen chloride, it forms hydrochloric acid which is an ionic compound that has ionic bonds. Why isn't HCL called hydrogen monochloride Instead of hydrogen chloride? As a gas HCl is covalently bonded but dissolved in water forms the H+ and Cl- ions. Even chemical "language" is subject to social parameters and is not as explicitly rigid as computer languages. 2 $\begingroup$ If two alkali metal atoms join with an oxygen atom, an ionic bond forms. Viewed 42k times 13. HCl (Hydrogen Chloride) is a covalent compound and forms a covalent bond. Instead it is named as if it were an ionic compound, without any prefixes. Despite attempts to make naming completely explicit the naming game involves some implicit considerations. Relevance. Bobby. HCl does no exist as a compound in water it is 100% disassociated into it's ions. 7 Answers. Answer Save. The ions have a regular, repeating arrangement called an ionic lattice.