Tips for Growing Cilantro Indoors. Cilantro does not transplant well. I don’t want them to eat my cilantro! I also think you need more sun. What the heck is going on with the stuff? save hide report. I know I have a frog or two out there but that just doesn’t seem to fit with what I think their diet consts of! June 20, 2011 5:16 pm. I LOVE fresh cilantro!! Cilantro is a delicious herb to eat but a fickle plant to grow. It’s best to use an unglazed terra cotta container when growing cilantro inside because it allows for greater moisture and air to pass through the roots. For a few days or a week it all seems to be going well…and then you notice the cilantro looks a little sad. Didn’t touch the parsley that’s in the same box! 0 comments. This question gets asked a lot. I have a plant I that looks like dill, smells like dill when the leaves are crushed, but it doesn't seem to be dill as there are no yellow flowers, and the branches are covered with the dill like leaves. Another relative of the carrot family is cilantro (Coriandrum sativum). Why does my sisters cilantro look like this? We just had a few friends on Facebook ask, and like a twit I rambled off the usual herb death possibilities. Companion planting: Plant cilantro near dill, parsley, and basil. It is growing in a raised bed near a wet ditch, started growing about a month ago, and is currently about 4" tall. Cilantro easily grows into a leafy rosette of aromatic fresh flavor that just can’t be replaced by the dried leaves in the grocery spice rack. It looked like this before it started flowering too. It also looks like you do not have enough drainage in your compost. Their added shade enables me to stretch my harvest in the warmer months. Ultimately, make sure that your plants are 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm.) It has normal leaves on the bottom but it changes halfway up to completely different leaves, that almost look like dill. Varieties: Cilantro can prove frustrating, since it is so quick to go to seed in the heat. This leads to poor “particle air porosity”, basically your compost is solid with no air gaps for water to drain. Anonymous. Coriander or Cilantro is a Mediterranean herb and needs more sun. Just noticed that my cilantro looks just about the same, except mine is on my deck. When you grow cilantro indoors, start with seeds or starter plants. However, don’t be surprised when the longer days of spring cause the plant to quickly stretch up to about 2 feet tall with white flowers on top. Maybe yellowing, possibly a little wilting going on. Coriander or Cilantro. For positive results, I like to plant my cilantro alongside my tomato plants. share. Also known as coriander or Chinese parsley, cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) can be grown outside in a garden, but it also does well when grown in containers.No matter which way you grow it, though, once it sprouts, the race is on to harvest leaves before the plant flowers and the flavor profile changes. apart.