Besides, coding for kids becomes rewarding when it makes them a desirable pick for recruiters, as it adds versatility to their skill set. Not only is it going to help them become better innovators and develop skills necessary in the world of STEM, but it will also enhance personal development. Introduction to Programming is STEMpedia’s newly launched programming course with Scratch coding for kids at its core. The world of coding is huge but if you enter through the right door, you won’t get lost. It’s not an exaggeration that coding is the DNA of the digital world. On the heels of ’s annual Hour of Code event, I reflected on why it is important for teachers to expose students to technology, coding, and computer science. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math,writing, and confidence. This was one of the many benefits of learning to code. Medical professionals use software to help in diagnosis and treatment. Create games, animations, make interactive projects, program robots & more! In fact, on average, jobs requiring coding skills pay $22,000 more per year than jobs that don’t. Coding is a computer science skill that is extremely vital because it teaches you how to logically solve problems, open your mind to unlimited creativity, and allows you to compete for jobs and careers that are constantly changing with technology. 10 reasons why coding is still the most important job skill of the future. It absolutely is! So, assuming you value any of those things, their very existence is the reason that coding is important. Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and it is important for kids to understand and be able to work with and understand the technology around them. Learning code is, in a broad sense, like learning any language – or to be more accurate, a family of languages. Importance of coding Learning code is, in a broad sense, like learning any language – or to be more accurate, a family of languages. Being unaware of how a certain thing happens tends to make you its slave with use and you gradually become so dependent on it that you lose your ability to think and to function without it. The next question that arises is how does one teach kids to code? Gaining coding skills is a real boost to any career, so here are 10 great reasons why coding is still the most important job skill of the future. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. And what could be a better time than now to teach kids to code when there’s no academic pressure and they can easily learn to code at home? Scratch coding for kids is an ideal start for them. Let’s have a deeper look at the benefits of learning to code. Copyright 2020 – Agilo Research Pvt. And the possibility that jobs coming up in the near future might even require at least basic level coding, explains the importance of coding for kids. Apart from these, coding helps with math skills and improves overall academic performance too. Coding, Movies are fun to watch. Simplified project-making, wireless hardware control, sensing, IoT & much more. Code powers our digital world. This question originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Once they get used to it, children approach problems in every other domain of their life in a similar fashion. Students have grown up in this world and need a variety of skills to participate in the Future of Work. There are overarching rules that all scripts follow, but also very precise rules for each. – Bill Gates. What's the difference between a developer, programmer, and software engineer? As they grow, their proficiency in using technology further increases. How will society keep human labor relevant in an era of increasing automation? But it is important to look for a course that takes your kids through step by step guidance on coding, just like the process of coding itself. Why is coding important? When parents and educators wondered about engaging their kids and students during the pandemic, they looked at Codeavour 2020 AI, a competition which not only, 2020’s biggest international AI and coding competition for kids and school students – where participants code to bring in AI-based solutions to real-world problems. Importance of coding in qualitative analysis Coding is associated with organizing and sorting the data, where the data is labeled, compiled and organized. Children thrive off of the feedback they get from creating something they love. The world of coding is huge but if you enter through the right door, you won’t get lost. Children who learn to code achieve problem-solving skills and relate to the world around them better. It’s not an exaggeration that coding is the DNA of the digital world. When kids learn to code at home, parents can accompany them in this productive and fun-filled activity, and get to know them better. Another major benefit is the chance to make a secure career. Now, you may wonder why is coding important, or is it worth it. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. What is coding? EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice. Businesses keep their financial and accounting records in databases. The benefits of learning to code are plenty. This makes coders the architects and builders of the digital age. It thus helps them deal with those seemingly daunting problems more easily and efficiently. Till now, we’ve been looking at the benefits of learning to code from the perspective of the world. According to an analysis of 26 million job postings by job market analytics firm Burning Glass, about half of the jobs paying $57,000 or more per year are in occupations that commonly require applicants to have at least some computer coding knowledge. Don’t let your kids lose the enthusiasm to learn amidst the chaos of the pandemic when they can safely learn to code at home and give them a skill for a lifetime. Ltd. All rights reserved – Terms & Condition | Privacy Policy. They will have the chance to design something that is entirely their own. Why is coding important? They also rank among the top ten highest paying jobs. To further authenticate why coding is important, let’s hear it from one of the biggest players of computer technology today –, Learning to write programs stretches your minds, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains. Coding has intricately blended with our everyday lives – sending texts and emojis, sharing memes and jokes on smartphones, watching videos, booking movie tickets, traveling, ordering food on a Sunday afternoon while sitting in your comfy pajamas, watching Netflix; almost everything is now possible with a few taps and swipes all by coding. They would be completely useless. There are multiple scratch-based online coding courses for kids that offer easy and understandable learning for beginners. And yes, you can still be less-than-great at math and still be a … But most of them don’t know what goes on at the back-end that allows them all of this with such ease. Good online coding courses don’t only teach kids to code, but let them realize all the above-mentioned benefits also. There are also some that teach you certain things. Answer by Travis Addair, Software Engineer, on Quora: Without coding, computers would literally do nothing. If you are one such parent, you’re about to find a leading-edge solution to your problem.