The methane on titan is liquid because the surface temperature is about -290 degrees F. All gasses have liquid state that can be achieved either through pressure, like in a propane cylinder, or by super cold temperatures. At the same time, precipitation is maximal near the summer pole (Fig. Earth and Titan both have methane, and both have water. Titan has a methane cycle akin to Earth’s water cycle, with lakes in polar regions1,2, ... (Fig. According to these Basque Country University scientists, huge clouds of methane vapour form storms on Titan´s surface, this hydrocarbon compound playing a similar role to that of water on Earth. They can stratify, overturn, and possibly erupt," said Steckloff, lead author of "Stratification Dynamics of Titan's Lakes via Methane Evaporation" that appears in The Planetary Science Journal. * Titan has methane in three forms (gas, liquid, and ice crystals) whereas on Earth methane only occurs as a gas. Three differences are * Titan has much more methane than Earth. In the dark, chilly tropics of Saturn's moon Titan, the Cassini probe has spotted what appears to be a lake of liquid methane, fueling speculation that caverns below might harbor life. Titan's methane, it turns out, is not being replaced fast enough to sustain the methane cycle, according to the new model Sotin and his colleagues have published. This means their evaporation rate is small or that rainfall is making up for any evaporation. Cassini measurements show that the lakes don't appear to be changing in size. 1d), because almost all solar energy absorbed there is used to evaporate methane. 1c) because the insolation maximum destabilizes the atmosphere with respect to moist convection. Ethane and methane-ethane mixtures are condensed and monitored in our Titan simulation chamber, under Titan surface conditions. Titan has no water, but some scientists wonder if life based on methane might live on Titan. Compared to Venus, with a surface temperature of around 900 degrees F, the water on earth is a super cold state just like the methane on Titan.