Class is just one among many ways to categorise people — no more important than any other. The Mayan civilization was known well for the only fully developed written language along with its awesome architecture, mathematical, artistic and astronomical systems. Who doesn't love being #1? Job Specialization 5. Be the first to answer this question. Liberal sociologists tell us that class is just one of the ways that we can divide society, alongside ethnicity, gender, religion or social outlook. It will impact your life by either living on a good neighborhood or a bad one. Complex Religions 4. 1. Cities 2. Answer. All three civilizations are similar in the way the social system is grouped. A civilization is compiled of eight features. In today 's society our social class level will greatly impact our lives. In any case, by the time written history began, distinct economic and social classes were in existence, with members of each class occupying a certain place in the organization of work. At the apex of the social pyramid stood the ruler (often worshiped as a divinity in Mesopotamia and Egypt) and the nobles (probably grown out of a warrior group that had subjugated its neighbours). Slaves are on the bottom, kings are on the top . The Mayan civilization was one of the most famous and mysterious Mesoamerican civilization. Being in the high end social classes is better but if you are not there yet do not try to live their life styles. Lastly each civilization had little social mobility and rarely talked to people in other classes. Social class affects the style of life of its members. Many of the people who make up the lower part of the social class The Maya social classes consisted of, Ahua (the king), nobles, priests, merchants, artisans, and slaves. Social classes. Well-Organized Central Government 3. This why it is important to stay in your own social class. As said above, social classes act like sub­cultures and, therefore, the groups which live differently, also think and behave differently. Be the first to answer! Why is art and architechture a part of a civilization? 1. There is a social hierarchy in each civilization, royalty was always at the top and favored by many, and the more money you had the higer treatment you got. Why are Social Classes important to a civilization? Social Classes 6. As jobs became specialized, people with education were valued over unskilled workers, which made the educated people of higher value on the social ladder. This is why, we see great diversity in the outlook and behaviour of different social classes. Arts and Architecture 7. Asked by Wiki User. Why is important for a civilization to have social classes? There are many importance of social structure As you know social word exist from society, society means living of people in a group in a particular place. Why is class so important?