SMART IGBT CONTROL -- AUTOOL EWM-508 welder is controled by IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), master current more exactly, low splash and smooth in weld joint, help us make a perfect welding. Welding wire size: 0.025 in. The welders are durable and long-lasting. Not only in the welding industry, but Vulcan products are also very popular and widely used in different industries like petrochemicals, mining, railways, shipbuilding, cement plants, steel plants and fertilizers, and agriculture equipment. Can you get me the brand name? You can be in control all the time using their products as they also offer some handy accessories (see the list below). They have so many other offerings but you will get bored if I extend the list any further. You will find high-quality products there. As a summary line, we’re sure to label Chicago Electric Welding Systems as one of the rising brands in the industry of welding. You will get 10000PCS per month production capacity from it. -0.035 in. – ideal for shop or field use, Amperage output: 120V; 30-140A (GMAW/FCAW), 30-70A (DC SMAW), 20-90A (DC GTAW); 240V; 30-200A (GMAW/FCAW), 30-170A (DC SMAW), 20-200A (DC GTAW), Duty cycle: GMAW/FCAW Rated Output: 120V; 90A @ 40% Duty Cycle; 22A Input 240V; 200A @ 15% Duty Cycle; 36A InputSMAW Rated Output: 120V; 70A @ 40% Duty Cycle; 24.9A Input 240V;170A @ 15% Duty Cycle; 33.6A Input GTAW Rated Output: 120V; 90A @ 40% Duty Cycle; 20.8A Input 240V; 200A @ 15% Duty Cycle; 28.7A Input Amperage range: 120V; 30-140A (GMAW/FCAW), 30-70A (DC SMAW), 20-90A (DC GTAW); 240V; 30-200A (GMAW/FCAW), 30-170A (DC SMAW), 20-200A (DC GTAW). Question #2: Which brand is perfect for the people who travel much? So here’s our recommended Best Chicago Welders on Amazon: Question #1: Are the above brands suitable for all sectors of people? Eventually, their products are all in one. Welding capacities: 120V; Steel: 24 GA – 1/8 in., Aluminum**: 16 GA – 1/8 in., 240V; Steel: 24 GA – 3/8 in., Aluminum**: 16 GA – 3/8 in. All you need to take the basic ideas about the welder brands and their products. solid, 0.030 in. Copyright © 2020 FramingNailersGuide| All rights reserved. Besides the welders (TIG, MIG, Stick and Arc, Plasma cutters) AHP also offers some other related accessories like foot pedal, TIG torch, TIG kits, etc. Question #4. This is optimized to deliver a flawless weld, making spatter and post-weld cleanup almost non-existent. You can control the spot welding time by it. I called HF Hotline and they have no info on when it will be available, yet it’s posted all over their ad as well as owners manual that it’s an optional purchase item. 4100 turn/min mute fan for fast heat dissipation. (0.6mm) -0.035 in. Later in 2015, I decided to share my knowledge with the world. Deal – Dewalt DCK300P1 3pc Brushless Kit w/ Jigsaw MultiTool Sander & 5.0Bat $299! Vulcan welding company makes Vulcan welders. They have some reputed authorized dealers like Home Depot, AHP on Amazon, Rockwood Welding Supply, Tiger Sales, Sears, etc. I just bought the Titanium 170 yesterday during the 15% off sale on welders. There’s currently only 3 in the … Other fake store such as BOYU-SHITAI, we cannot guarantee! You will find a sustainable quality from their products. Vulcan welding company makes Vulcan welders. mild steel | Power cord length – 6ft. flux cored, Accessories included: Titanium™ Multiprocess 200 Inverter Power Source, Titanium™ 180A MIG Gun, 10 ft., Titanium™ 150A TIG torch with gas valve, 10 ft., 200A Stick Electrode Holder with 10 ft. Cable and DINSE-Style Connector, Work Clamp with 10 ft. Cable and DINSE-Style Connector, 8 ft. Power Cord with 6-50P (240V, 50A) Plug, 120V Power Adapter, 2 in. Type in “spoolgun hit” hope this helps!! AHP excels in quality. Apart from the welder machines, they also manufacture welding accessories, welding wearable, welding gears, and so on. Help please! Vulcan is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Color coded controls are easy to identify and understand, Arc force control (DIG) for stick helps to reduce spatter and improve arc performance. The Titanium™ Unlimited 200™ Professional Multiprocess Welder is lightweight, reliable and easy to use. Since 1980, the company manufactured nearly a hundred types of models in various capacities in the welding sector like Arc Welding Transformers, Pneumatic Spot Welding Machines, Pneumatic Butt Welding Machines, Spot Welding Machines, Welding Rectifiers, Inverter Based Welding Machines, Electroplating Rectifier Equipments, MIG/MAG Co2 Welding Machines, Hand Spot Welding Machines, TIG Argon Welding Machines, and as well as Step-up Transformers. They know how to satisfy their customers and the whole welding market. The company is named after JD Forney, who founded the company back in 1936. This welder will support you in tig and stick welding. Welding wire size: 0.025 in. Here is a list of the top 3 110v stick welders. Adjustable arc force settings allow you to meet your custom welding needs. If you purchase something through a post on the Tool Craze site, Tool Craze may get a small share of the sale. Would love your thoughts, please comment. In terms of designing, developing, and manufacturing welding machines and accessories, they have earned quite a good reputation over the last few years. No matter if it’s a woodworking tool or gardening tool or anything else, I don’t compromise the quality and usability. i have this welder and purchased a spool gun that works with 140 version amazon carries it. Lists have given below. We hope you will get your cherished products there. It used in auto repairing, metal fabrication, transportation, tack welding, and also in household and furniture. – ideal for shop or field use, Wire feed speed: 80 to 275 inches per minute, Application: light fabrication, maintenance and repair, auto body, farm/ranch, home projects, Weldable materials: Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum (with optional spool gun). (1.2mm) cored wire, Accessories included: Titanium™ MIG 170 Inverter Power Source, Titanium™ 180A MIG gun, 10 ft., flow gauge regulator with 6ft. It will also provide you with top quality. And a significant advantage is, their products are sold outright via the company website. In 1950 they added the welding transformers to expand their portfolio. Question #3: Do I have to use these welding machines only for the workplace? I would also love to know the brand name of the spool gun you bought. Framing Nailers Guide team recently reviewed the quality Eastwood welder which is available on Amazon too. THIS MEANS THAT AT NO COST TO YOU, I WILL RECEIVE A SMALL COMMISSION IF YOU PURCHASE THROUGH MY LINK. Everlast welders founded in 2004 in California and San Francisco as a small e-based welder and generator company. You will find the robust, emphatic, and apt welding tool there including welding pants, welding helmets, welding shirts, funny t-shirts, etc. Specifications: Input voltage – 230V 60Hz | Amp range – 25-190 amps | Duty cycle – 30% at 130 amps | Mild Steel thickness range – 24 ga. 5-/16” | Spool radio diameter inner/outer – .62”/1.95” | Max spool capacity – 11 lbs. Weld a wide range of materials with fast, easy set-up. You will get a continuous current rectification from it for its features. Ever since, they have been dealing with different welding products including TIG welder, MIG/MAG welder, other robotic welding products, welding-related accessories like protective helmet, gloves, welding apparel, safety boot, welding fume extraction, etc. It provides a 100 ampere DC system which is convenient. I’d love to know exactly which gun you got. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. DISCLAIMER: THERE ARE AFFILIATE LINKS IN THIS POST. Low as 5 Amp start for TIG in DC/ 20 Amp in AC. They also offer solar energy solutions, intralogistics, and car workshop equipment, and as I said earlier battery charging equipment. Altogether, Fronius is a well-established brand producing some high-quality welders that you can rely upon without any confusion. The specialty of the product line is its design, simplicity in operation, and long lifetime.