She doesn't quite like any other cat … Generally speaking, the feline heat cycle begins in March and lasts through to September. It can depend on weather and where you live. She generally calls loudly and continuously for a mate. In the southern hemisphere, that is more likely to be between September and March. She will rub and roll against other cats, people, and inanimate objects, and may sometimes mark then with a spray of urine. The breeding season lasts 12-24 days within with there is 3-7 days of maximum chorusing from the males (Elmberg & Lundberg 1991). When they leave the pond after mating, the older experienced newts usually head back to their preferred land territory. There is no “mating season" per se. Either way, they show more diversity in where they leave the pond (Malgrem 2002). This usually occurs during the winter solstice, due to the increase in temperature and daylight. The males make a kind of brrp or purring noise. Also, since i dunno when she's "ready", i cannot give her to anyone who has a male cat for mating. What Happens During Estrus? As the weather starts to become a bit warmer and the days begin to lengthen, entire female cats start to come on call - this is also known as coming on heat or into season. A female cat that is un-spayed will usually be in heat every 2-3 weeks throughout the season, unless she successfully mates and becomes preg-nant. Younger inexperienced newts may follow the older ones or, if there is a big population, head out on their own. No wit's summer and im expecting her to be in heat but she's quite calm and i have no idea about cats' mating season. Cats can mate at any time of the year though so that is not a rule. Cat mating can be done at any time, but cats are more likely to be more drawn to mating based on daylight hours. Cat sexual behavior in a female cat in heat is unabashed. I'm afraid she'll probably kill that male cat. In the northern hemisphere, this is generally between the months of March and September. Cats give birth 60 to 65 days after copulation, as nature dictates that food is more plentiful during this time. Female cats are not regularly “on heat”, in fact that can happen as few as twice a year or up to 6 or 7 times. Mostly the chorus takes place at night but sometimes, if there is a lot of mating going on, it will go on during the day too. With my cat, who is 10 and ‘complete’, its usually 4 or 5 times each year. Breeding Season. Spring and summer are usually considered the mating season. Their behaviour can appear quite alarming to anyone that has not seen a cat on heat before and can be mistaken for an injury or illness such as a urinary tract infection, a broken back or a behavioural problem. Cats enter heat several times a … Most times cats do not mate in heavy winter areas during the winter, but again that isnt always fact. Though male cats are ready at any time, female cats mate only when in season. So how do cats mate?