Armando Villa Uribe on May 5, 2015 at 12:30 pm I am so sad, this is the third year we have lost all the babies and I do … Still … 0 0 ~Live Laugh Love~ Lv 4. Sometimes ducklings/goslings stray from the group and get lost. During the nesting period, adult Canada geese molt and lose their flight feathers. However, we've had one lone goose who likes to hover by the building, in the parking lot, etc. He/she doesn't seem to like to be with other geese and has been here for at least a month. Capture and boxing baby ducks. 0 0. They always have to have plenty of water to drink, especially when eating. Never put lost ducklings back into the lake as they are not likely to survive without their mother. If the duckling is sick or injured, find out what to do with an injured wild animal. If it's safe to catch and handle the duckling then, wearing suitable gloves, place it into a secure ventilated cardboard box, lined with towel or newspaper (do not offer food or water). The goslings learn to fly about the same time as the adults regain flight ability. Good luck and God Bless for taking care of the abandoned baby goose. They remain with their parents until after the spring migration, at which time they return to their birthplace. Please contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Another mother duck will reject and drive off the intruder, or possibly even try to kill it. It’s always heartbreaking to see, however, and we all hope OUR baby geese survive. Hi there - our office is near a pond, a popular stop-off for Canada geese this time of year. They know their own offspring and do not accept other babies. Suddenly the young geese sound hoarse and raspy as they transition from baby sounds to the deep-throat voices of adulthood. Hi there, I am a first time chicken mommy, I have 11 chicks that are 6 weeks old and have just moved them out to their new coop. Geese may eat wheat and pellets, which is a common diet for farm-raised geese. If the baby goose still has its down, it will drown if it gets into water. Contact our Provincial Call Centre at 1-855-622-7722 to find a rehabilitator. Hope this helps some. Spot the difference – Canada geese on the left, mallard ducklings on the right If you find a duckling or gosling wandering alone, with no adults or other babies nearby, it needs help. 1 decade ago. Never put a lost duckling back with a mother duck unless you're certain it's the right mother. So make sure you keep it in a warm, dry place until it has reqular feathers. Goslings fledge between six and eight weeks of age. A mother duck or goose may also abandon eggs that are slow to hatch, concentrating instead on getting active ducklings/goslings to food, water, and safety. Geese are primarily herbivores and usually eat tender grasses and plant materials, such as roots, leaves, stems and sprouts. My neighbour just dropped off a baby gosling ( think it's a wild Canada Goose) that he found abandoned in his back acreage and I was wondering how to care for it. Like their middle-school counterparts, the youngsters' voices also begin to change at some point. It really is the best thing for the baby. look in the phone book for an animal rescue or bird sanctuary. Do you want that to happen to your baby goose? Siblings, as new bachelors and bachelorettes, sometimes stay together for years or until they find mates of their own.