Is this a thing? When 12-year old Tony Guertin launched Tony’s Pet Sitting, he knew some customers might be apprehensive about handing over their best friend to a preteen. Related: YouTube Marketing: How to Use Free Videos to Build a Full-Time Online Business. It’s great to see you already thinking about teaching this to your son. I’m 9 and I am so glad I found this because I now have something to do and I can make money off it. Agreed, you have to admit, as a kid I am saying they are horrible choices!!! It’s simple to start and doesn’t require transportation to reach customers. Some of these say you need adult supervision but I am eleven with the brain of a 14 year old so do I need supervision? I had a few regular clients and thankfully no disasters that required driving anywhere. So I went to grocery store and got a $1 bag of brownie mix, made them up and sold them to my friends. She puts the receptacles out the night before trash day, then puts them away after pickup. Barns are always looking for help and usually can be very flexible on offering discounted lessons or board in exchange for barn help. I’d take the profit and go back to store and buy a $1 bag of cookies. “The primary product that he has sold is his favorite team (Alabama) license plates. What skills will kids kids learn by starting a business? These are NOT stupid. I tried doing a blog -NO Then I had to go door to door at the end of each month, and collect the money. OMG! Thanks. While kids can’t provide medical care or serve as a primary caregiver, they can offer their services to seniors who need help with errands or chores around the house, or those who just want some extra company. This wasn’t too big of a problem. Head on over to to get some inspiration for what kinds of homemade designs are hot right now and you’ll be in business. Great post for forward thinking parents. As a kid in Ohio we used to hustle “pop” bottles for the returnable refunds and “tax stamps”. Kids have the advantage of being closer to the trends and fads going around their school, and could use that “inside” information to build a profitable website. All rights reserved. That was lesson #2: Revenue does not equal profit. this is amazing! “It taught me that not all the money I make is profit and how to account for expenses.”. Wow, tips are so informative and quite motivating to start a new business. She has expressed interest in other ways to make money, such as having a yard sale or selling her old toys or clothes she has outgrown. In fact, Swagbucks will even give you a free $10 bonus. Word of mouth and flyers in the neighborhood worked to get gigs back then, and sitters as young as 14 can join today. Enter GreenPal, which is best described as Uber for lawn care. My brother started a lawn mowing business. Me and my friend are going to start a babysitting company! Don’s been on a decade-long mission to empower students and teachers to apply innovation and entrepreneurship in the classroom. It’s a good way to make money and get rid of old toys they don’t use anymore! After that source is exhausted, turn to local garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, the library bookstore, and thrift stores to find more inventory. And as a 10 year old, I was excited too. You just need a rake and bags!”. I think you’ll find something for every age level below. Last spring I took 7 of my (youngish) kids to rake a lawn, and with such a crew we had his *massive* and leaf filled yard raked in less than two hrs. In some cases, they might need adult help or supervision. In some cases, they might need adult help or supervision. Instead they can start their own business, with lawn care, babysitting, and tutoring being popular options. He claimed $3 as reimbursement for supplying the donut inventory, and $2 for Erin’s sister’s “help” that morning, leaving her with a profit of $7. Lemonade Stand, Tutor, Painting, Podcaster, Caricature Artist Photos via Shutterstock. It’s so important to teach the value of earning money from a young age. Starting a business at an early age is an excellent educational experience. There is so much work out there for those willing to do it. “If it’s the fall, bagging leaves is a great business for kids,” Jim Wang of WalletHacks explained. When I was 12 I had a cake business. There are plenty of opportunities for kids to start their very own businesses at a young age. I actually posted the one above at 5:51 PM. He sent me this story: The easiest business that I ran as a kid was selling Mountain Dew, Smarties candy, and pickle slices from my cheeseburgers. There’s even a podcast called The Show About Science, hosted by Nate, a curious 6-year old. For anyone with a big collection of books, or at least the means to acquire them, you can start an online bookstore or sell books on sites like Amazon. As a “responsible” kid, this was one of my go-to ways of making money in my youth. It is important to encourage your kids to do business. “I’m her biggest buyer so far, but she also tries to sell to other family members. Greatest lesson ever! Any suggestions on what I can do? My daughter gets $5/mo from each of 6 neighbors for dealing with their garbage/recycling/yard waste each week. I think its a great way for kids to be active, grow up, have more responsibility, and make money! I would go to BJ’s and buy the 100 count box for about $13. It’s a great life skill to have. I have no idea how much my father earned but he paid us $5/week. Something went wrong. (???). “We try to encourage our two teenage daughters to spend as much time creating their own stuff rather than consuming other people’s,” Lee Hills explained. Or you could set up a YouTube channel and share different kid-friendly videos and earn a share of advertising revenue from the site. If your little one has a funny personality, it might make sense to point the camera at them at let them turn on the charm while they play with toys or video games. Mom took me to Costco before camp and I loaded with Skittles and Caramel Apple Pops to sell to the other campers. Entrepreneurship runs in the family: Michael has an online business (an ecommerce store) and encourages Noah to sell online as well. Car Wash & Detailing. “It was a wonderful experience and is still considered by us as the first job we ever had.”. These are lots of great business’s and it help my child start her first business. Thanks to Robin Chedgey for the tip on that one, whose kids sell trading cards and jam in their spare time.