Cutting out carbs has been life-changing for me, and I wanted others to benefit as well. The fact that many doctors have not yet come on board is because they are stuck in the same old ineffective science (calories in calories out, etc.) If you’ve got a Facebook, you’ve got to go check it out! I started calorie counting 23 days ago. Your self experiment is just further evidence which would be made more convincing if a crossover 30 day high carb low fat diet with weight and labs were done. In Keto, you still consume plenty of dark, leafy greens. Dan: I ate bacon for breakfast today. This is also why you can eat beef or lamb still pink in the middle, but you should NEVER do this with pork. GIGO. Not to mention the presence of very high levels of sodium in processed meat which will easily overshoot the recommended daily intake. -sodium – no issues. He probably saved my life. as well as their obesity, and lots of professional sports people who are finding vastly improved endurance and performance from a low carb, high-fat diet. Especially meat. So 9 years later you want to draw conclusions when the diet has been guessed at just once? When I did the low carb diet I lost 10 pounds in one week, in two weeks my chol dropped 30 points. It sounds like something I want to try for myself. We should fire up a Subreddit for it. All in moderation. Bear in mind some streaky (or striped) bacon can vary in fat making some brands more calorific.,,, Baking Bacon in the Oven on a Rack | Low Carb Yum, The Keto Diet's Surprising Side Effect: You'll Get Drunker, Faster – HealthFormative | A Largest Hub Of Health Collections, The Keto Diet's Surprising Side Effect: You'll Get Drunker, Faster - My Great Blog, » The Keto Diet’s Surprising Side Effect: You’ll Get Drunker, FasterMuscle Gain Secrets, The Keto Diet's Surprising Side Effect: You'll Get Drunker, Faster - Build Muscle Today, Ben Givon Exercise Information Keto Vitamin Aspect Results – Ketogenic Vitamin and Alcohol – Ben Givon Weight Loss Program, Keto Diet Side Effects – Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol |, Maple Bacon Waffles | Keto, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Sugar Free – The Buttered Kitchen. Dan: Become a student and continue to learn every single day. And I’ve had a lot of stress over the last year. Sugar alcohols need to be treated with caution because while they may be slower to convert to glucose, they can be a significant source of glycemic load and can stall weight loss. It’s working. Many doctors ARE on board and having amazing long-term success with thousands of patients. Check out Dr Eric Westman, Dr Sarah Hallberg, and dietdoctor dot com and ketogenicforums dot com for much much more. You could get sick and get worms. What was your diet like before The Bacon Experiment? That would make up for the extra calories that you don’t have in your equation based on cooked bacon losing most of the liquid fat in cooking. I made sure I had a lid to keep the splatter in and would deep fry the bacon for a few minutes on each side. For supper I choose whatever protein they are serving that is NOT breaded and veggies or salad. For the year leading up to the bacon experiment, I had discovered something new, something sustainable and a way to GAIN muscle and LOSE fat! And for those interested in conducting your own bacon experiment, you can download this free PDF walk-through and guidelines to ensure you are on the right track. This blog is so misleading I almost don’t know where to begin. You can lose a lot of weight eating bacon. Heme is the major one relating to colon cancer and there is observational evidence that chlorophyll, very plentiful in dark leafy greens, is protective against that. Dan: Depends on the thickness to determine cooking times, but oven cooked on a cookie sheet is a really good and reliable method. If you've cooked bad meat, it's not guaranteed to make you sick. You guessed it, a Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic Lifestyle. if i eat 3 packages-600gr total-every day! I eat a cyclical keto diet, but veggies form a large part of this. If anyone has any ketogenic/LCHF studies to share in relation to chronic kidney disease and/or renal failure (positive or negative! 400 degrees for about 18 mins. indeed prof Tim Noakes would be a good reference and there are actually professional athletes (triathlon) that are on pure carb free diets and do very well, Thanks for the tip… Several useful resources (& caveats) at Takeaway #1: Eating fat does not necessarily make you fat. Wow! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. People are getting biased results from very young, very active people in these types of blogs. And “sulphates”? Aside from bacon, what’s your favorite keto meal? These seem to make my blood pressure worse.” I just forgot to tick the boxes for emails. There are plenty of meals where I take 3 -4 cups of spinach leaves, drench them in a fatty dressing with some cheese, and chow down with some sous vide steak. Yes. I ate bacon, probably around three weeks old, what will happen? Two pounds of bacon, or roughly 30 pieces, every day. What were your goals and expectations going into this? Bad if you have elevated blood pressure. Food poisoning symptoms are usually caused by bad bacteria. The “cleanest” (0.5 carbs) i find has 5.2gr salt per package of 200gr which means i get 15.6gr of salt or ~6gr of sodium(RDA: 1.5gr sodium/day)!!! Most bacon comes from FACTORY FARMED know..the ones full of antibiotics. I did try to cut out all sugars when diabetes 2 was diagnosed but I had to eat some carbs as I got very tired in my head. Because I have never seen those in bacon. Quite a few have tried their own version of the bacon experiment for one week, and most have seen between a 4 to 11-pound weight loss in just one week. Do you track your macros? Everyone’s purine tolerance differs, so there’s no way of knowing what amount of bacon is safe for you unless you’re willing to test it out. Dan: The final week, I was REALLY craving steak. If so, how did you find the willpower to stay the course? Did you find it difficult to eat one thing for 30 days straight? I was thinking about doing the bacon only diet to lose the last 10 pounds. I have to ask.. how were the bowel movements on an all-bacon diet? I also have a big freezie every evening after supper. Due to various mechanism, for example presence of antioxidants, this does not happen, or occurs at a very low level, during cooking, storage and digestion of vegetables. It happens. This blog is so misleading I almost don’t know where to begin. I am trying to get back to this way of eating…I have severely cut back on the carbs and will start the really low carb diet this week. From what I’ve seen, 2 lbs of cooked bacon would be closer to half of that (about 700 calories per pound). HDL 115 and TRI 32 to name a few. Won’t that cause high bp and water retention??? That's why you have to watch what you eat. The results clearly speak for themselves. Were any kind of supplements taken during The Bacon Experiment? That’s what it’s there for. I made some bone broth from grass fed beef bones to get me through the last week. Bad if you have elevated blood pressure. You owe it to yourself to at least investigate. I'd like to receive the free email course. I am only concerned because I have chronic kidney disease. Hunter-gathering at least. I believe that the low carb high fat diet and lifestyle is the way to go. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Some transition to a ketogenic or even zero carb diet after trying it out for a week. There is also evidence that the mutagens created by cooking meat can be protected against by indoles phytochemicals, which are most abundant in cruciferous vegetables. Dan: The Bacon Experiment was me eating nothing but bacon for an entire month. Grammar police are the most annoying people on earth. I’ve been hearing from lots of people who aim for zero carbs and it seems to be working great for them. And I was bad last weekend (wine, ice cream, yes, bad!). It’s a community of like-minded low carb folks that encourage and motivate each other. ‘Processed meat is one of the #1 causes of cancer’ – you are referencing the WHO study that made it a class 1 carcinogen. In fact, a low carb, high-fat diet can be a great way to improve your body composition by simultaneously lowering body fat and maintaining muscle mass. Period. Is this a joke? Keto is actually incredibly healthy because it is based on the actual science of the body’s biochemistry.