And we should never forget the golden rule "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man." The Torah also tells us to "Love … The Rebbe went on to explain that the fact that "each one embodies all three" has a twofold implication. I have the 3 loves in my life. Reply, Here's what happened to me--I came across and read the Rebbe's book Toward a Meaningful Life and it changed every aspect of life and being. You'd probably say: "You may think that you love me, but you don't really. You don't care for what I care most deeply about. Perhaps the answer is that love true doesn't come from where we think it does. If I do feel romantic attachment to someone I will console myself with the thought that we are connected through our love of G-d. But it also means that where any one of the three exist, it will eventually bring about all three. It's real, whatever you want to call it. Am i off the mark? Once I met someone who said they would rather go to a synagogue than a church because the Jews don't teach anything about loving our enemies, and there isn't anything about it in the Torah. Reply, love and marriage I am a member of a Chabad for the past 20 years . Through his love of Yidden he broke through every possible gates, and certainly he broke through the kelipah which surrounded my heart all those years ago. God created the world because love needs another to love. More significantly, they heralded a sea change in the way that Jews regarded their heritage, their G‑d, and each other. Reply, love On behalf of all those who do not realize just what our Holy Rebbe is, I thank him....for me, for you, for all of us I truly loved my husband of blessed memory, after he became needy due to dedication to him and loving overwhelmed even me. Reply. His life and work are such an inspiration and strength for me, and for all Jews, if only they would know of his tremendous love for each and every one of us. The feelings of the typical Torah-committed Jew in 1951 probably went something like this: "G‑d, I love You and I love Your children — those who act towards You as children towards their father. Much had transpired in the interim: the "enlightenment" movement, which alienated many young Jews from their heritage; World War I, which displaced much of European Jewry (in 1915, the town of Lubavitch was destroyed and the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe fled to the interior of Russia); Communism's war on Judaism (in 1927, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe was arrested for his efforts to preserve Jewish faith and practice throughout the Soviet empire, and sentenced to death; international pressure achieved his release and emigration from Russia); and the Holocaust, which terminated 1000 years of flourishing Jewish life in Europe. Water represents truth, it represents Torah ( ein mayim ela Torah —the only water is that of Torah… The Torah commands us to "Love your fellow as yourself." And one who truly loves a fellow Jew will inevitably come to love G‑d, since love of one's fellow is, in essence, the love of G‑d; and he will be driven to bring his fellow Jews close to Torah, which is the expression and actualization of their bond with G‑d. On PBS (Palestinian Broadcasting) Scott Simon asked a self-hating Jew, “Is there a need for Israel anymore?” He later apologized for that unmanageable question. “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Lev. Was it by coincidence or design that Rabbi DovBer chose a place whose name means "Town of Love"? I am blessed. By dedicating ourselves to G‑d by doing mitzvahs, good deeds, in a way that transcends our own desires, we will culminate both humanity's and our personal relationship with G‑d. What is wrong with time? To know each other's families first? G‑d is the groom, as it were, and we are His bride. desire has a point of diminishing returns and so does dedication. This commandment stands at the center of the central book in the Torah. Shalom. Reply, Love or Loose True love means that you love what your loved one loves, This commandment is the core of the Torah, 13 Ways the Lubavitcher Rebbe Changed the World Forever, An Antidote for the Post-Holocaust Generation. If one loves G-d eventually the other loves will come too. Why do Lubavitchers feel that marriage must be rushed?? If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's. The destruction of European Jewry was a fresh memory to those present that winter evening in 1951 when the Rebbe assumed the mantle of leadership. Food parcels are sent out etc. 5 But Pamela B. Zohar's answer is great and pretty much sums it up. Properly interpreted and understood, the Torah is not “a burden too heavy to bear,” nor does seeking to follow it out of faith annul faith.Indeed, by continually convicting us of falling short, the Torah forbids anyone from boasting about their works, but forces everyone, Jew and Gentile alike, to continually throw themselves on ADONAI’s grace as we repent day-by-day.