Your email address will not be published. Infection with different types of papillomavirus is very easy given the presence of micro traumas on the skin: Hand and plantar warts are caused by the following HPV types: 1-5… And the children’s desire to scratch or tear warts contribute to the spread of the virus to other parts of skin, and the habit of nail biting can also contribute to penetration of infection under the nails. In case of hpv warts on hands appearance do not neglect it, since it indicates an existing failure in the human immune system. The technical name is verruca vulgaris. The first thing to understand if you want to know what are the causes of warts, is that warts are caused by the human papilloma virus, the virus responsible for causing these skin growths. directly through direct contact of the affected skin with the healthy one; and by household way – through clothing, personal hygiene products, household items etc. Many people with genital warts do not know that they have them as they are often asymptomatic, especially in a woman, who can have warts on her cervix or in the vulva without ever knowing. For men, warts appear on the tip or shaft of the penis, making them more noticeable. However, if you do not notice the growth regression, any method of removing it does not guarantee full recovery due to the viral nature of warts. There are 70 different strains of this virus that cause the skin cells to multiply rapidly, resulting in growths on the skin. If the internal reserves of your body do not give a decent immune response, even after the removal warts tend to be formed again and again and to recur in other areas of the skin. Foot warts are commonly caught in gym showers, where the virus can live due to the warm, moist environment. Before using any of the folk remedies or ready care products it is necessary for 5-10 minutes to steam the wart, then wipe the skin dry and make the application of a solution. Today there are numerous methods of treatment for warts on hands. high concentrated potassium permanganate fully removed my finger warts in one month. Almost 20% of adolescents and children at least once had contact with warts among their environment and 10% of them face this disease at different ages. To avoid damage to the skin, you should apply fat cream to the surrounding skin surface or close up the skin with plaster after cutting in it a hole for warts of the same diameter as the growth. The most popular localization of warts on hand is obvious, since the maximum contact at work, games, at home, and outdoors is made specifically through the hands. Warts come from human papilloma viruses (HPV). The warts are usually small, not exceeding 3 mm, have a smooth surface, rounded shape, yellowish or skin color. Once in your body, you probably have it for life. What dermatologists offer today to remove warts on hands and fingers? It is important to mention that although condoms offer some protection from genital warts, they are not 100% effective, as they still allow for some skin-to-skin contact. If you want to read similar articles to What Are The Causes Of Warts?, we recommend you visit our Diseases & secondary effects category. Folk remedies – celandine juice, onion, acetic acid, and so on. Even one wart on hand increases the risk of sudden occurrence of the others in non-infected areas of your skin. Chemical agents used to remove warts should be used very carefully, because they can cause burns of nearby healthy tissues, it is best if the procedure will be performed by a doctor. At OneHowto we show you the causes of warts so that you can know how to prevent them and what precautions you should follow in order to stop them. Warts are growths on the skin which can appear in various parts of our bodies, although the most common are the hands, feet and genitals. It is possible to spread genital HPV and warts to other areas, like mouth, throat and hands, during oral sex. DNA of the virus causes abnormal cell proliferation accompanied by the increased blood flow.