Seeds are, in fact, considered undesirable by most commercial growers, and many of the seeds that sneak into the end product never reached full maturity before being harvested. They have vascular tissue and use seeds to reproduce. In addition, they all have body plans that include leaves, stems, and roots. Growing different crops in different seasons in the same field will deplete the soil of nutrients. Seeds respire just like any other living organism. Seed plants face many challenges, including standing upright and … Hardness & Durability. 1 All seed plants share two characteristics. What are Quality Marijuana Seeds What are Quality Marijuana Seeds. Freshly harvested grains must be dried before shoring. The largest seeds with the most symmetrical round or teardrop-shape are the best quality, while immature seeds are small and often have an irregular shape. • Minimal weed seed or inert matter: Good quality seed should be free of weed seeds (particularly noxious types), chaff, stones, dirt and seed of other crops. Most seed plants live on land. What this means for the consumer is that it can be difficult to get good seeds. Ail crop plants are sown as seeds in the field. Seed quality Concept of seed quality: It is the degree of excellence in regard to the characteristics refer to above that determines the seed quality. In field soil this is generally about 50-75 percent of field capacity. • Minimum of diseased seed: Discoloured or stained seed are symptoms of seed that may 3. Cells of root nodules of leguminous plants fix nitrogen. A fine-textured seedbed and good seed-to-soil contact are necessary for optimal germination. Answer. Aeration in the soil media allows for good gas exchange between the germinating embryo and the soil. Using good quality seed is the only criterion to get high yield. Almost all these impurities can be discarded during processing/conditioning.