This Welding Practice Test is designed to be used as a study method for passing an examination on the fundamentals of welding. Welding design aids including Weight of Weld Metal Tables and a TIG Slide Rule also are available. Earlbeck Gases & Technologies can provide test coupons for you to weld in your shop to any welding code, as well as practice and test coupons to test in your shop. Puzzles & Kits Awesome practice kits you can put together for decorations, gifts, and more! It is intended for anyone wishing a career in the welding … We now offer Welder Qualification Kits which supply you with all the materials you need to complete a practice joint and a welder qualification test at your home or place of employment. Please browse our collection of affordable arc welding project kits … The books offer ideas for agricultural projects, trailers, shop equipment, home and recreation projects, and more. We provide kits for AWS D1.1- Structural Welding … We provide kits for AWS D1.1- Structural Welding … Filter by All 304 Stainless Aluminum Cube Cube Kit Gift certificate Giftcard Hurricane Infinity Roll Cage Round … Welding Kit – 11 Gauge Steel Cube – Contains 6 Square Coupons – MIG, TIG, Arc, Stick, Gas – Practice Training DIY Beginner to Expert – Chapman & Adams (CNA Fabrication) (2" (2 Inch)) 4.4 out of 5 stars 80