Watercress comes from the same family as kale and arugula, our last two greens on the list. What Is Arugula? Close. Not only the leaves, but the flower and seeds are also edible. 0. Home Tags Watercress Vs Arugula. Watercress is an often overlooked leafy green vegetable that packs a powerful nutrient punch for very few calories. So when faced with the choice, I used to buy baby arugula instead. Tag: Watercress Vs Arugula. Watercress are those small leafy greens you get as a garnish at restaurants and wonder if you’re supposed to eat them. It has a pungent, spicy, and peppery, mustard flavor similar to the watercress. Substitutes for Watercress Arugula (Rocket) Arugula (Eruca sativa) is also commonly known as rocket, roquette, or rucola. But this winter I noticed a couple alternatives in grocery stores: bagged baby watercress and upland cress. I have had a lot of trouble getting much yield out of arugula, but I really like the peppery taste. Amazing Health Benefits of Arugula. Admin-May 29, 2019. Watercress vs Arugula. Watercress vs Arugula. Young leaves of this plant are used in salads, but the older leaves are used in cooking. So I decided to try growing watercress (bought seeds on Amazon). Here are 10 impressive health benefits of watercress. Find it irresistible or hate it, arugula (Eruca sativa) is a leafy inexperienced veggie that may pack a hefty dietary punch. Arugula leaves, also known as rocket or roquette, are tender and bite-sized with a tangy flavor. 6. Archived. Here are 5 great substitutes to use in place of arugula in your favorite dishes: Watercress; Watercress is a semi-aquatic plant, closely related to the radish, that has a peppery, mustard-like flavor, making it a glorious, refreshing green to eat. Health Advice. Most of the time, they get tossed aside because people don’t understand the health benefits they present. Posted by 1 year ago. It’s also extremely good for you and is rich in calcium and vitamin K. Look for organic watercress in your market. Watercress is an ancient green that may have been a staple in the diet of Roman soldiers. Recent Articles.