You mean disappointment wieners? Armour sausage, 4.6 oz can be enjoyed all on its own or paired with your favorite side. The primary ingredients in Vienna sausage may include various amounts of beef, pork, turkey and chicken. This sausage can be eaten right out of the can, so you can enjoy this canned meat on the go, as an easy snack in your pantry or as survival food in your emergency disaster kit. Product description. I’ve only ever seen them in a can, and yes I have eaten them. Order bulk online by case, pallet or truckload quantity. Write a Review. Armour Chicken Vienna Sausage in Chicken Broth, 6 ct. $3.07 each ($0.52/pack) Add to list. Armour Chicken Vienna Sausage is a delicious treat that is simple to prepare for any time enjoyment. Original Armour Star Vienna Sausage is made with chicken, beef and pork added and is bursting with a delicious flavor. Some brands add spices, such as mustard, for flavoring, and some sausage brands include sweeteners, such as … Primarily beef or pork make up some brands of Vienna sausage. Be the first to write a review! Armour Vienna Sausage. Armour & Company was an American company and was one of the five leading firms in the meat packing industry.It was founded in Chicago, in 1867, by the Armour brothers led by Philip Danforth Armour.By 1880, the company had become Chicago's most important business and had helped make Chicago and its Union Stock Yards the center of America's meatpacking industry. I think you’re supposed to microwave them into non-existence and then go get yourself a real wiener. It features a gluten free formula steeped in genuine chicken broth for a moist, flavorful experience. Vienna Nachos. Enjoy right out of the can at home, school, work, or while camping, fishing, or hunting. Tell us what you think! Delicious and convenient, Armour Star Viennas taste great anytime. Armour Potted Meat, 3 oz. Rate and Review | Read Reviews ({{state.lastResponse.streamInfo.approvedCommentCount}}) Be the first to write a review. Recipes with this Product. Wholesale supply of Armour Vienna Sausage 4.75oz & 4.6oz. Check out our entire assortment of Armour Meat & Seafood under a dollar $0.52 each ($0.18/oz) Add to list. Reviews. Nasty little things.