A starter guide to general veterinary terminology. A HIGH BODY TEMERATURE, TYPICALLY ASSOCIATED WITH FEVER OR INFECTION (THOUGH CAN BE IDIOPATHIC), USED TO DESCRIBE A CONDITION FOR WHICH THE CAUSE IS UNKNOWN (e.g. We have detected that Javascript is not enabled in your browser. INDICATIVE OF A BLEED IN THE LOWER DIGESTIVE TRACT, THE PASSING OF INDIGESTIBLE OR WASTE PRODUCTS FROM THE BODY (e.g. Organisms which are too small to be seen with the naked eye, usually smaller than a single cell Vet Nurse Jobs Vet Nurse Jobs View all Jobs Advertise a Nursing Job Why advertise on VetNurse? ASSOCIATED MOST COMMONLY WITH CLOTTING DYSFUNCTION AND OBSERVED ON THE MUCOUS MEMBRANES, INFLAMMATION OF THE CONJUNCTIVA OF THE EYE, WHEN THE EYELID IS ROLLED INWARDS, CAUSING IRRITATION OF THE CORNEA, WHEN THE EYELID IS ROLLED OUTWARDS, CAUSING OCULAR DRYNESS AND INCREASED RISK OF FOREIGN MATERIAL. heart, lung and gut sounds), A NON-NOXIOUS STIMULI ELICITS A GENUINE PAIN RESPONSE, A MODERATELY UNCOMFORTABLE STIMULI ELICITS A DISPROPORTIONATE PAIN RESPONSE, KEEPING THE EYE CLOSED, OR BLINKING VERY RAPIDLY, AN INFECTION THAT CAN BE TRANSFERRED FROM ANIMAL TO HUMAN, AN INFECTION THAT CAN BE TRANSMITTED FROM HUMAN TO ANIMAL, AN IMMUNE DEFENCE MOLECULE, PRODUCED IN RESPONSE TO AN ANTIGEN, A TOXIC OR FOREIGN SUBSTANCE THAT STIMULATES AN IMMUNE RESPONSE FROM THE BODY, AN INFECTION CONTRACTED WITHIN THE HOSPITAL ENVIRONMENT, A DRUG USED TO ELIMINATE WORMS (HELMINTHS), THE PROCESS OF SHEDDING, OBSERVED IN REPTILES, INABILITY TO RETRACT THE PENIS BACK IN TO THE PREPUCE, HAEMORRHAGE FROM SUPERFICIAL CAPILLARIES, GIVING THE APPEARANCE OF PIN PRICK BLEEDS. Organisms which are too small to be seen with the naked eye, usually smaller than a single cell, Does not require oxygen to multiply and grow, Transmission of a disease by the mutual contact of two individuals i.e. ASSOCIATED COMMONLY WITH INFLAMMATION AND URETHRAL BLOCKAGE, AN ACTIVE PROCESS INVOLVING FORCEFUL EXPULSION OF THE STOMACH CONTENTS, A PASSIVE PROCESS INVOLVING UNDIGESTED, OR PARTIALLY DIGESTION FOOD BEING EXPELLED FOR THE STOMACH AND OESOPHAGUS, INFLAMMATION OF THE LINING OF THE INTESTINES, INFLAMATION OF THE STOMACH AND INTESTINES, AN ABNORMALLY HIGH FAT CONTENT IN THE FAECES, GIVING THEM A PALE 'MASHED POTATO' LIKE APPEARANCE, IMPACTION OF THE FAECES, MAKING IT DIFFICULT FOR THE ANIMAL TO PASS THEM COMFORTABLY, DIGESTED BLOOD IN THE FAECES, CAUSING THEM TO HAVE A DARK, TARRY APPEARANCE. The prefix is the first part of the word, which usually refers to the organ or structure that is involved. Brainscape is a web and mobile study platform that helps you learn things faster. Most applicable to first year students. Learn and master Veterinary Terminology in record time with the help of our engaging online flashcards. THE THIN FILM COATING TEETH THAT CONSISTS OF BACTERIA AND MICROSCOPIC FOOD PARTICLES. The suffix is the last part of the word and often denotes the type of procedure. DEGREE OF LAMENESS IS OFTEN MEASURED ON A SCALE OF 1-10, A LOSS OF FLUIDS FROM ALL COMPARTMENTS OF THE BODY, A LOSS OF FLUID FROM WITHIN THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, USING A STETHOSCOPE TO LISTEN TO INTERNAL ORGANS (e.g. nursing, educational, veterinary. Most applicable to first year students. Please read our, {"ad_unit_id":"App_Resource_Sidebar_Upper","resource":{"id":5868351,"author_id":2803915,"title":"Veterinary Nursing Terminology","created_at":"2016-07-11T13:52:58Z","updated_at":"2018-04-06T16:38:21Z","sample":false,"description":"A starter guide to general veterinary terminology. To take off of the teat or to stop from nursing; to wean an animal off of its mother's milk. A starter guide to general veterinary terminology. 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