Check out Vespa’s latest Notte edition which is available for the Sprint and GTS 300 models. One of the best features of the Sprint has to be its newly-designed 12-inch aluminium wheels that further elevates the whole sporty façade. While the front shock is fixed in its values, the rear shock comes with four preload presets to let you dial in for changing cargo/passenger loads. T.J got an early start from his father and other family members who owned and rode motorcycles, and by helping with various mechanical repairs throughout childhood. Their catchphrase? LED tech continues into the blinkers, and here we find a difference between the European and U.S. models. Motorcycles Reviews Vespa Vespa Sprint 2019 Scooters 125-400cc 2020. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. The Sport line comes in its own distinctive color packages with a sticker package that further sets it apart from its siblings, but it’s the details that are less obvious at a glance that really makes the Sport special. The manufacturing process is state of the art, the chassis is arc welded by robots for precision and torsional rigidity is up by 36% for better handling characteristics. Power comes from a 125 cc, four-valve four-stroke mill with 7 pound-feet of torque to fall short of the Vespa’s grunty 9.4-pound performance, and top speed takes a hit as well with around 61 mph at the top end. This is only theoretical based on super saving riding style but in our real-life experience (a mixture of congested city riding, traffic jams, and highway stints), we managed to squeeze slightly about 200km before the low fuel warning light turns on. Since then, we were quite eager to give the Vespa a go since we ourselves are modern Vespa owners (I myself have the previous gen Vespa Primavera 150, prior the new i-Get engine). This means the Zuma looks more like a proper motorcycle as far as the front fork goes, but without any adjustments, there really is no advantage one way or the other. Naza Premira (Vespa Malaysia) is currently offering the 2018 Vespa Sprint 150 ABS at RM16,400 (basic price without tax and insurance) with four different colour options; Blue Matt, Monte Bianco, Rosso Dragon and Grigio Titantio. 2018 Yamaha YZF-R15 now available in Malaysia – RM11,988. It relies on an underframe for its structure, so the step-through deck is flush all the way across to allow for more ’tween-the-feet-stowage than the less-generous Sprint. Like the front, the rear blinkers come in external bullet fairings with a taillight that rocks an LED horseshoe behind a square lens to finish out the rear lighting. A small glove box below in the inner leg fairing comes complete with a power port that lets you charge your mobile devices under way. As with all Vespas the Sprint is built from pressed steel, rather than plastic so it will last well and can be repaired. A short tunnel protrudes up into the step-through with a non-skid plate on top that doubles as the battery cover, and at the front of the seat there’s a hook for a little bit of open-air cargo-carrying capacity. Sure, many of the old-school models carried their headlight down on the fender, and if you want that look I would direct you to the Sei Giorni Second Edition instead. 2.75 inches out back. The Sprint comes in a selection of three vibrant … Cast aluminum is the material of choice for the 12-inch wheels that mount a 110/70 and 120/70 hoop to give the Sport its “small-wheel” look. On the face of the fairing you’ll find the classic “tie” detail complete with three contrast-painted chevrons and a newly-designed horn cover and a chrome brand script to finish it off. Other modern features that can be found on the Sprint 150 ABS are electronic anti-theft device (for that added piece of mind when left at dodgy areas of the neighbourhood), front ABS unit (for safety, rear brake is drum to keep it ‘old school’) and a mechanically-operated saddle where the underseat storage can be accessed with a push of a button near the ignition key slot. Piaggio’s Vespa division beefed up its small-frame Vespino offerings with the MY2018 Sprint 150 Sport that serves as the top-shelf unit for the model family. Labelled as Vespa’s sportiest ‘small body’ option in its current line-up, the Sprint’s main focus is to attract the younger crowd into the whole hip lifestyle. The forced air-cooled thumper rocks a 58 mm bore and 58.6 mm stroke for a total displacement of 154.8 cc. As for riding experience, we found out that the Sprint does offer a great deal of stability even when travelling at full speed. The stock 2020 Sprint 150 Sport rolls for $5,749 MSRP. Legally, the 154 cc engine is allowed on the Interstate, but if I have to wind it up to its top speed and keep it there the whole trip, that leaves nothing in the way of roll-on. Of course bigger wheels would improve that even more, but for what it is, it’s a nice scooter, albeit a little pricey.”, All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. The Vespa Sprint also comes with a wide range of accessories for customisation including a dedicated top box, backrest, customised windscreen with Vespa logo and front side and rear chrome mudguards if you feel like taking your new Sprint to a whole new level (and you should). A top speed of 91km/h is stated in their official website but we got it up to a maximum speed of 110km/h (slightly more when going downhill). Ducati Hypermotard 950 and 950SP Test Ride in Spain! Vespa Malaysia launched the latest generation Vespa Sprint 150 ABS alongside its brothers, the Primavera 150 ABS and the GTS 300 SuperSport during the Sneakerlah shoe convention at Mid Valley Megamall. Yamaha uses hydraulic forks to support the front end instead of the shock-and-link system favored by Vespa. Vespa isn’t one to use price as a selling point, so that leaves room for a minor win for the Yamaha Zuma at the checkout with its $3,499 price tag. Stability is also a strong key feature that can help to provide more comfort in your everyday journey paired with decent performance. Vespa claims the Sprint 150 puts out 12hp @ 7,750rpm of … Although air-cooled, the Sprint relies on a small fan to push air to the engine to keep it from overheating. This is the same engine found in the Primavera 150 ABS but through our own experience, the Sprint presented a slightly better acceleration performance to match its sportier appeal. This remotely-operated underseat storage access is indeed a welcomed addition compared to previous models where you have to manually use your key to access the storage space under the seat. Ducati Panigale V2: The Superbike For All! Vespa Sprint counts on a small and light body, comfortable and protecting, made entirely of steel. Roots like that are impossible to fake, so the Sprint 150 Sport rolls with an authenticity all its own. No uncomfortable vibrations or wobbles, just silky smooth. It comes to as no surprise when you can see quite a number of units rolling around town compared to previous years. A dry, centrifugal clutch couples engine power to the constant-velocity transmission with an overall drive ratio that turns out a top speed around 70 mph at the redline. The Yamaha Zuma 125 borrows from the Italian style while putting its own spin on things, so let’s roll with that. TESTED: 2020 Honda RS150R V2 – “Smooth Operator”. Modenas Power Store supports Dominar 400 Club Malaysia ride to Ipoh. A handful of idiot lights round out the instrumentation, but the real star here is the stock Vespa Multimedia Platform that networks with your smartphone and lets you handle hands-free calls and jam to your saved tunes.