4.5" maximum product clearance under removable top covers. 53" W x 74" L. Configured for bins up to 45" wide by 48" long up to A wide variety of apple sorting machine options are available to you, Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Equipment We provide sorting solutions for a wide range of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. A variety of quality pre-owned/refurbished Mac computers. 3807, 1282. We specialize in creating custom solutions for your planting, harvesting, processing and packaging needs for all types of fruit, vegetables and herbs. Service and support for your refurbished Apple products. bottom deck perforations, Overhead water sprays with in-feed and discharge bottle conveyors, Air blower at discharge end with 4 water re-circulation pumps, 2 zones w/ gas valves and separate cooling conveyor, Controls and bag house mounted outside building, Drive: chain with paddles, 2 HP motor with 2.70 gear box, Capacity: 3 standard 40 x 48 with product height up to 7', Chain conveyor moves either direction with proximity switches, Catch pan is galvanized steel, drains into screened filter cage, then is pumped back to chiller coil, Chiller coil: water chilled to 36º F, coil is located in bottom of recaptured reservoir, Spray bar: (4) 4" PVC pipes with holes provide water spray to product, Pallets are introduced at one end, where advanced under spray bar and deluged with chilled water until target temperature is reached, Equipped with power sweep and standard base mounted hydraulic power pack, Hopper Dimensions: 4-1/2" W x 4-1/2" H x 28" L. We are constantly looking for good quality agricultural and horticultural machinery. It handles up to 45 cases per minute -- or up to 60 cases per minute with the optional layer accumulation table. Heavy The Olney Foam Cleaner combines flotation cleaning and screening to provide the cleanest product. Aweta KG 3-14+1 grading machine for fruit Computer controlled cup grader that grades at weight and size (camara). Used for fresh-pack, frozen, and prepared food markets, fruit processing machines vary according to the type of fruit they process. The machine requires only one operator to feed and control the equipment. Dimpled (non-stick) stainless steel in-feed and discharge chutes. Optionally, the juice and the puree can be concentrated.The rising film plate evaporator model Flashterm is specifically designed for the treatment of clear or low viscosity juices, while the forced circulation evaporator model Frumaco is designed for puree concentration. This allows for quick product changeover by presetting hold times and other parameters for multiple products, 208 - 230 / 460 Volts, 3.2 -3 / 1.5 Amps, 1 HP motor, Includes merchant Scmidt stainless steel stand on casters, Includes Merchant Schmidt stainless steel stand on casters, Class II, Division 2, Group G Classification, 9' stainless steel fixed incline conveyor with 12" wide white belting, 5" infeed height and 32" discharge height, Side mounted 1/2HP motor and drive with power cord, 3PH, 480V, 90" stainless steel elevated fixed incline conveyor with 12" wide plastic belting, 59" infeed height and 72" discharge height, FMC Standard Pressure Cooler, 336 can capacity, FMC Atmospheric Cooler, 912 can capacity shell, 6'H X 24"Dia. Set for 208-230/460 for Moderate Soil Conditions Including: Wet Carbohydrates, Dried The product then free falls through the aperture of the sorter where two Best laser and camera detection units detect color and or shape defects that are present. Find Aweta and Stas for sale on Machinio. Close. Previously used in sanitary/food processing plant for washing vegetables. © 2020 Regal Equipment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Has a water collection and drain pan on the in-feed end only. round holes. The new generation of Bulk filler has improved movement capabilities with a regular movement with respect to the volume filled. 2820. About 22% of these are Fruit &Vegetable Grading machine, 4% are Fruit & Vegetable washing machine, and 1% are Other Farm Machines. for fresh-cut cole-slaw), Drum Dimensions: 36" Dia x 12' L x 1/4" spacing, Hydraulic auger and abrasive peeler/washer, Equipped with flow control and flow restriction valve, 7 brush rollers driven by hydraulic motors, A.K. with 45 minute cook time, With double indexer, cup feeder, lid denester, tamper evident, Sealer with Allen Bradley Logix 5561 PLC controls, Kinetics 6000 Servo drives, Powerflex 40 VFD's #4, operated up to 390 CPM- 4oz., 4.5oz., 6oz., Plate diameter 75mm, Equipped with power brush, adjustable diversion gates, and level controls. It is therefore important to choose a fruit sorting machine that minimises the risk of damage. Cornell 6NHPP-F16K Food Pump w/ Commercial Vortex Tank, Expanded volute cast mild steel pump housing, Flexible connection between pump and tank, All stainless steel tubular support frame and vortex tank, 5 HP 230/460V, 2 Phase belt drive motor w/ mechanical variable speed pulley, Urschel Velocicut 4" Dia. increase buoyancy and float trash, such as hollow or broken kernels and wash-water recovery tank has (2) clean-out doors on each side and a working pressure, 1200 Kg/Hr. End in-feed with adjustable height panel. Pressure Cooker Shell 2: NB: 2840, SN: 3656-342-90, Can Cap. Includes: receiving belt, cull eliminator, polisher, inspection 4-3/4" dia. 900 Gal., MN: Hold, MFG:1991, 304 SS., DRG: SP-19340-D, Tank Number T60B02, Tank 4'T X 5.5'Dia., Overall Height Approx. Tunnel --  22" long open in-feed area - feeds into the 15' long enclosed steam tunnel with top and bottom steam injection headers, leading on to a 24" long open discharge section. The kernels fall through an opening in the bottom of the cutting chamber and the cobs are ejected out the side into a tote. The fruit sorting machines from Aweta, Greefa and Wamel perfect have been developed to minimise the risk of damage. NAB # 119, MAWP 75 psi. We finally upgraded to a larger sorter. Perforations are 5/32"Dia. 3/60/230/460 Volt, 1160 rpm motor, w/ Stearns brake, Mounted on a stainless steel frame with casters, Motor: 40HP, 3Ph, 60Hz, 1765 RPM, 230/460 volts, Features single 18" Stainless Steel screw tapering into 60" L screening area with heavy duty frame encasing fine screen, Mounted on twin I beams 17'6" L (overall) x 46" W x 54" H, Top mounted plate on gear reducer accepts 60 HP, 364 T frame at 1165 RPM, 20" x 36" rectangular flanged In-feed hopper, Screen area features (4) full length spray pipes equally spaced for washing from single inlet manifold, Includes 15" wide X 13' long cleated elevated belt infeed conveyor with a 36" x 36" 26" In-feed hopper at the base, Includes 12" diameter x 9' long stainless steel screw/auger complete with expansion tank for steam discharge, 1-3/4" diameter piston with approximate 9" stroke, Waukesha straight sided valves with 5/8" X 1" ports, Equipped with white plastic interlox style belt, Mueller plate chiller, condenser, and controls for chill water supply, Unit designed to maintain 33˚F process water, Copeland Discus freon compressor included, Re-circulation pump and recovery tank included, Interlox belt with Garoutte Freon stainless steel plate chiller, Feed Pan Dimensions:: 5' 6" L X 9" W x 5" Deep, Automatically Slices Pickles Lengthwise Into Halves, Quarters, 5th and/or 6th Cut Depending on Desired Head, High-Speed Self-Adjusting Rubber Centering Rollers, Stainless Steel Equipped with Hydraulic Power Pack, Last ran 8oz, 12oz, & 16oz plastic bottles, Two paddles with 5/8" backing screen & .023 primary screen, 3 HP, 230/460V, 1750 RPM, 3 PH, 60 Hz 8.2/4.1 amp Baldor motor, 1/3 HP, 230/460V, 1725 RPM, 3 PH, 60 Hz, 1/.5 amp duty master motor, Equipped with 1 1/2 HP motor & Ajax shaker, Baldor 3PH, 3HP, 1725RPM, 60Hz, 230/460V, 8.6/4.3 amp motor, 24" W x  42" L x 18" deep stainless steel vortex, Equipped with 5 HP, 230 V, 60 Hz, 3Ph, 1740 RPM, 13.4/6.7 amp motor, Equipped with Crane Deming Food Pump: 6-1/2" Inlet & Outlet, Includes Lincoln Electric 20 HP, 230/460 V, 1760 RPM, 60 Hz, 54/27 amp, 3 PH motor, Overall Dimensions: 84" W x 168" L x 96" H; Interior Dimensions: 48" W x 140" L x 47" H, (1) Screen Measuring: 48" W x 27-1/2" L; (2) Screens Measuring: 48" W x 28-1/2" L. Includes (6) Rows of Overhead Spray Nozzles, totaling (32) Overhead Spray Nozzles; Equipped with: RETURN RESERVOIR -- 6 1/2" Inlet & Outlet, Contains (3) Stainless Steel Screens at top of machine measuring 27 1/2" in the Middle section and 29 1/2" on both the Left and Right sections, Equipped with General Electric 2 HP, 3 Ph, 6.0/3.0 amp, 60Hz, 230/460V motor, Atmospheric cooler with 2,604 can capacity shell, 3 Position Selector Switches for Slice Thickness, Equipped with (1) SM-CYCLO 2HP, 1740 RPM, 60 Hz, 6 amp motor & (1) SM-CYCLO 1/4HP, 230 V, 60 Hz, 1730 RPM, 1.1 amp motor, 1 - Recirculated Detergent Section,with (5) Spray Rings, 2 - Recirculated Rinse Section with (1) Spray Ring, 3 - Final Rinse Section with (1) Spray Ring; Equipped with 230/460 V, 3525 RPM, 60 Hz, 1.15 amp motor, Used