The Johns Hopkins University logo is rooted in tradition. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files are for high quality print publications and can be scaled to any size. CSU-Ram-Rev.png… Its symbolic message elevates and enhances brand recognition and reach. The Ram’s Head is the University’s official logo. All logos are numbered for easy reference (ex. See more ideas about university logo, university, charter school. Primary Logo The Montclair State’s primary logo is a powerful symbol of the University. Mar 27, 2013 - Brand development inspiration board for a Colorado charter school. The Block N logo … Apr 29, 2016 - Explore Lily Smith's board "university logo" on Pinterest. PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files are suitable to Microsoft Office programs … Blue Logo: This blue-and-white version of the primary logo should be used when only one of the university’s primary colors is available. Logos … Developed in 2013, its iconography is based on the university’s official seal. While the Ram’s Head artwork is available as a standalone piece of art, it should never appear in external communication without the logo or signature. VU01BLUE) and are available in BLUE, BLACK, or WHITE … It can be paired with the University word mark and signature. The Shield logo is available in both a centered and flush left format. These images must be used according to the official guidelines and the Use of University Name Policy. The open book represents knowledge and discovery, the globe signifies the university’s worldwide reach and responsibility, and the crest of Lord Baltimore is emblematic of the university… Choose the Right File. CSU-Ram-Rev.eps. See more ideas about university logo, logos, university. Usages of each are dependent on the layout of collateral materials. The Office of the University Secretary is the official guardian of the University’s marks, insignia and brand. More detailed information on Penn logo guidelines is available in the Logo … The Block N logo is the core element of the University's academic brand, and it should appear on the front of all University marketing communications and at the top of every University web page. The Villanova University logo is the center of our visual identity and key to our identity. EPS | PNG Blue Logo with outline: This blue-and-white version of the primary logo should be used when only one of the university’s primary colors is available and placing the logo … ... CSU-Ram-357.png.