I believe the requirements for that piggy back ride are the local boss being alive, and you having spoken to the cage monster nearby who hints at this trick. Weirdly durable, though. Undead Settlement bonfire. If you already killed the rotted great wood, he goes aggressive. lvl 28 pyromancer. Between two of these houses is a small alley that leads to the NPC. I accidentally aggroed this guy thinking he was just another enemy, but now I can't approach him. I've literally only spoken to him in one playthrough. then I actually talked to him with the second character to pass through. You have probably failed one of the requirements for him to not be hostile. Spell or ring that makes your steps silent. The first time I came through this area I happened upon a cage spider behind a house, and immediately attacked it. Any idea how to get this guy to work right? The mini-boss under the lift (Undead Settlement): How Do I kill him? Caged Hollow NPC in Undead Settlement. When you say your first time through do you mean your first playthrough? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Havels all 'round the shop. Invades as a mad dark spirit near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. Near this corpse pile is a ledge you can drop down to with a Butcher who'se carrying a cage on his back. It's a bit tricky. To get you started light the Foot of the High Wall bonfire at the beginning of the Undead Settlement area, then head down the first flight of stairs and to the left. Archived. You still can't activate the cage if he is hostile. If you initiated the floor break in the Curse Rotted Greatwood fight then Hodrick is essentially dead and you'll have to beat the Rotted Greatwood to interact with the MM altar in the Pit of Hollows. Lore Location. Havent killed it yet, fought it a couple times but had a tough time so i figured id level up a bit more before taking it on again. He is super fast and hits like a truck I'm pretty bad at dodging attacks that his that fast but I can't cast anything coz I don't have time. As in you're now on new game plus? A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. He Needs to talk to the non-hostile mob around the corner. … The Caged Hollow sitting behind that house with the blowdart thieves. Undead Settlement Part I: Once you get here you can ignite the bonfire to find out what lies ahead. You need to "creep/run up" to his cage fast enough for him to not turn around. You'll be one of em. I'm not sure if killing the cage guy earlier ruins your chance to work with him. The presented solution suggests jumping down in this specific spot (see screenshot). User Info: Casyle. Collect the Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse from the top of the rubble, then head back to the stairs and continue down to the bottom. I'm worried that I f*'d up, and no, I haven't killed the Undead Greatwood yet. Posted by 4 years ago. speaking to the cage monster who talks about "nana" isnt necessary. Caged Hollow NPC in Undead Settlement. He is hostile by default. More than likely, you've fought the area boss. Found in the Undead Settlement.From the Undead Settlement bonfire, the player must go forward and cross the bridge to the right.Then instead of entering the building ahead, the player must take a side path on the right, where they will be attacked by several Hollow Slaves on rooftops. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 1. Press J to jump to the feed. Um, covenant guy w/ cage on his back in Undead Settlement not there? Found in the Pit of Hollows, near the Mound-makers altar. undead settlement guy with cage on his back attacks me I killed him my first time through, then watching a lets play going back to find things i missed i saw i need to talk to the guy in the cage, then walk up behind him to get into the cage, but anytime i get close he attacks me. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Give Greirat of the Undead Settlement Loretta's bone. Has anyone experienced this? Its just a hint. i don't remember this guy maybe i killed him thinking he's another mob yeah, I did that because hey it's a cage man that looks exactly the same as the cage men that've ambushed me 50 times. Sooner or later. So I'm trying to access the Mound Makers covanent and I'm following a guide. Close. The area can only be accessed by entering the metal cage on the back of a non-hostile Hollow Manservant found at the top of the highest cliff of the settlement