By dividing the space into zones, choosing appropriate sprinkler heads for the conditions of each, and connecting the system to a timer and sensors the yard practically waters itself. The height of the plants in your crop needs also to be considered when choosing a sprinkler irrigation system, as different models have different height and range limitations. All About Automatic Sprinkler Systems Want to know more about how automatic sprinkler systems work? Tired of dealing with hoses and watering by hand? Whether it is garden irrigation, lawn irrigation, or field irrigation, you can choose a irrigation system. Sprinkler irrigation systems conserve water, shut off when it rains, and do a better job of reaching all vegetation on your property. This lesson deals with types and components of sprinkler irrigation system. Because irrigation is a critical part of modern farming today, there are many different farm irrigation systems available to do this. The success of sprinkler irrigation system depends on the selection of appropriate sprinkler type and their components. 36.1 Types of Sprinkler System. We have portable irrigation system and tractor-towed sprinkler irrigation for different sprinkler irrigation … Drip irrigation, in a nutshell, is the process of lacing your garden area with irrigation lines that feed into the root systems of your plants, “dripping” water into them gradually. Sprinkler Irrigation. Looking for helpful watering tips? These components together are responsible for efficient application of water as well as high application efficiency. Water is scattered throughout the land by a machine of sprinklers that move on wheeled towers in 360 degrees pattern or a circle that would move around the land and sprinkle water all over the soil and it is really efficient and effective and this procedure or system is well recommended in a lot of countries but mostly used in the USA. Of the many types of irrigation systems that currently exist, drip irrigation systems are arguably the most popular, for several reasons. It is also worth remembering that sprinkler irrigation is not required for certain types of crops, such as tomatoes and peppers. Center Pivot Irrigation.