If you’re lucky enough to be in a place with nice weather, setting up an outdoor entryway display is a great way to catch shoppers’ attention before they even get inside. Knowing the different types of retail displays and how they are used across a variety of product categories is critical to making an impact on sales. Along with this display of product, it price, discount, service and other features are taken as ‘offer’ that must appeal and attract a customer. Gondola style shelving is especially popular in grocery and pharmacy stores due to their ability to hold many products. Create themes around your brand, the season, or holidays by incorporating signage and decorative elements. Retail display cases are a type of standalone display that is closed in on all sides by glass or clear plastic. Display tables are also a very common clothing display, likely due to their versatility. While clothing displays sometimes use similar components as CPG displays, there are some key differences between creating displays for apparel merchandising as opposed to something like grocery merchandising. One benefit of display tables is the amount of room they provide for merchandisers to get creative. Benefits of this type of display include being highly flexible and allowing aesthetically pleasing merchandising designs. Point of purchase displays are some of the most important displays in any retail store. Share . They also give you a prime location to attract a lot of eyes — shoppers walking through action alley can see your products without even going down the aisle, giving you a major advantage over your competitors. Email . As per its name, Table Displays are merchandising displays that have a flat, table shape to them but can be tiered or just have one level. After all, without data, all you have is a pretty picture. Additionally, merchandisers don’t just toss the product onto the shelf and walk away. This location is the prime impulse buying area. There are products in our lives which we simply cannot do without. Banner stands are standalone signage that brands can place throughout the store to feature their product or announce a promotion. Window displays, also known as window dressings, are exactly what they sound like — product displays that are set up in the window of a retailer. The 14 Most Effective Types of Retail Displays, Explained, A post shared by Peak Time Racing (@peaktimeracing), A post shared by The Design Market (@the.design.market), A post shared by Dana Industries Inc. (@danaindustries), A post shared by Christopher Galiyas (@christophermarkgaliyas), A post shared by Animal Dynasties (@animal_dynasties), A post shared by Atchley Graphics (@atchleygraphics), A post shared by Jeffdezine (@j2creativespeedshop), A post shared by BELANJA RAK INDONESIA (@belanjarak), How Kraft Heinz and Relentless Trade Achieve Success, Data Stories: Three Types to Win More Retail Space. A data-driven planogram is critical to your success as a retailer. There are multiple options for improving your product’s shelf presence by using things like shelf talkers and header cards. This small shelf display can go a long way, as the shopper sees the information you provide on the card as they are checking the price. We’ve recapped last week’s conversation which gave an inside look at how these two CPG industry.. POP Displays. With bins, baskets, and shelving also easily attachable, impulse merchandising displays containing loose goods such as Confectionery, Books and Magazines may also stand to benefit from this type of display. How to Display Merchandise at a Clothing Store. Merchandising displays are important parts of the design of your store. These merchandising displays can be as simple as a sign or as elaborate as a full free-standing display where the vendors’ products are boldly displayed. You’ll find these next to the cash register or the doors. A post shared by Dana Industries Inc. (@danaindustries) on Mar 22, 2018 at 1:37pm PDT. You can easily persuade consumers to purchase cheap products when they are waiting in line to pay. The material will highlight the product and draw the customers’ attention to it, which is extremely important in a retail store crammed with similar merchandise. The nature of these displays may vary somewhat from industry to … The freestanding frames are made of steel and can carry heavy goods. Pegboards are also often paired with other types of mainstream merchandising displays such as gondolas for an interesting display of articles. One disadvantage, however, is that Gondola displays are expensive. Get free education, tips, and inspiration to help you refine and grow your product categories. Other times, if the case is serving an ornamental purpose, shoppers can find the product on its home shelf. The most common types of Pegboards are made of wood or fiber-board and contain rows of evenly spaced holes which are used for attaching hooks, bins, shelving and other storage accessories. Share It. With the right messaging, you can convince shoppers to go with your product over your competitor’s. POP displays are found in high-traffic areas such as next to the cash register or the doors so that it is easily accessible to the customer and increases the possibility of an impulse purchase. Retail Display Types. Mannequins are the embodiment of visual merchandising. This is not in regards to products we love like our phones or our favourite pair of shoes, but more in regards to products which are staples and essential to daily living. This type of merchandising display is made from a lattice of wire panels that can easily accommodate a variety of different hook and shelf options that attach to the grid.Benefits of Grid Walls are similar to those of slat walls. A retail display is anything in a store that houses or promotes your product. Convenience goods. Copyright © 2020 DOTACTIV (PTY) LTD. All rights reserved. That being said, they are more organized in appearance than dump bins, and often neatly display slightly larger products on shelves or hooks. Entryway displays are effective at encouraging impulse buys, as customers at the beginning of their shopping trip are entering the store ready to spend money. A post shared by BELANJA RAK INDONESIA (@belanjarak) on Dec 5, 2018 at 3:47am PST. A post shared by Jeffdezine (@j2creativespeedshop) on Jan 30, 2019 at 11:26am PST. A post shared by Lucrezia (@lucrezia.11) on Mar 6, 2019 at 10:58am PST. Similar to shelf talkers, brands can use these cards to educate the buyer, point out promotions, or even suggest a way to use the product. One of the best merchandising displays is known as point of purchase (POP). Explore Our Category Management Insights. Garment racks are one of the most common types of clothing displays. Freestanding displays are similar to dump bins in that they are also standalone displays and can be interacted with from 360 degrees. 5 Types of Merchandising Displays To Get Right and Why. A standalone display is a type of POP display that exists separately from traditional aisle shelves. Stores use Point of Purchase displays to place fast-moving merchandise such as candy, cheap items and popular goods. We’re here to help. They are already spending capital, so they figure that spending an extra $5 is not a big deal. They’re useful for making your brand stand out within the aisle, educating the buyer about the product, and guiding the customer directly to your shelf. Print . They are also usually made out of cardboard or are otherwise customizable, so bins are not only a great opportunity to get creative with how you project your brand’s image, but they’re also easy for your field team or distributor to ship and set up.. A post shared by Peak Time Racing (@peaktimeracing) on Jun 5, 2018 at 3:54pm PDT. Typically, marketers place POP displays near the cash register. Thus, be sure to have your products nearby, as there is nothing worse than missing out on a sale because the shopper couldn’t locate your product. The effectiveness of a retail display doesn’t rely on how extravagant it is — even the simplest displays can increase sales as long as they are part of a solid visual merchandising strategy.