I haven't tried it so I'm just speculating here. Tuners layout: 3 + 3. Well, thanks for directing my attention to this system. Schaller metal pickup frames. Control: 1 × Master Volume (push-pull for coil splitting) 1 × Master Tone. True Temperament Frets . ELECTRONICS. Headstock: Angled; topped with chosen body wood . On top of this we offer -as Service Point- upgraded necks on exsistent guitars and basses, or prepared fretboards with TT frets for hobbysts and professional luthiers. Valenti Guitars is proud to be the first Authorized True Temperament Service Point in Italy.. Each Valenti instrument can be ordered with a TT fretboard for unmatched intonation on stringed instruments. Thread starter Uelef; Start date Nov 7, 2020; Uelef New Member. The True Temperament fretting system on each of these Boden models is custom calibrated to the multi-scale lengths of the 6-string (25.5” to 25.0”), 7-string (26.25” to 25.5”) and 8-string (28.0” to 26.5”) models so you can simultaneously experience the full benefits of both cutting-edge concepts in modern guitar technology. Since 2006, stainless steel frets are included in all my guitars, due to the unbeatable performance superiority and lasting unwearable feature of the hard, hi-polished surface: expect to go faster and play cleanly. The frets look wacky in a cool kind of way: I like it. 3-ply White ABS / Abalone. Pickups / Electronics: H-H / Seymour Duncan 59 (neck + bridge) Mayo M-P1 Piezo active preamp. A tuning revolution applied to design perfection and the world’s first True Temperament production model guitars Boden True Temperament Explore. Nov 7, 2020 #1 I bought a new guitar, and it's a true temperament instrument. The innovative Boden design takes the next step with the implementation of the revolutionary True Temperament fretting system. Body matching finish. Tuning a true temperament guitar. Nut: Graph Tech Black TUSQ.