This comment has been removed by the author. Theattention to detail is unparalleled. 10 years ago. Thanks those are hard to find, I can't even find a download for them. There is one main drawback to Toy Commander, and that’s the control,which is a bit wily. What toys are at your disposal? Viva la Revolucion! You must pass 50 different missions before reaching the final confrontationin the basement with the vile Huggy Bear. The control can get really frustratingand holds this game back from true greatness. Now hold L and enter the following codes. This game became our Dreamcast's "Goldeneye". Need a rampup to the counter in the kitchen? but no one asked us if we were done playing with you! Does anyone have any idea of how I can get a hold of these demos? Missions are well balanced and varied in design, and on top of all that it has a great sense of humour. Up for sale is the Resident Evil 3 Remake Collector's Edition. version of the iconic item box. And you might not want to play with us anymore . Toy Commander was always my second favorite Dreamcast game (after Sonic Adventure, because of nostalgia) and I knew about Toy Racer and the Santa mission, but not the others! Shenmue World magazine from Shenmue Dojo smashes Kickstarter goal in less than 24 hours! With variations such as deathmatch and capture the flag, you haveto share your toys with your friends. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all toys are created equal. ohhh dude that wasjust about the best game ever made in my opinion the controls would be about the best sheme ever . love the fighting system. Take a cruise on the slot-car track. I, Huggy Bear, was your very first toy, and when the battle is over and the day is done, I will be your last toy. Thanks to everyone who joined in on the voting! 2.1 In Medarot 2 Core; 3 Related Medabots; Description. When in the course of playtime, it becomes necessary for old toys to dissolve the political bands which have … Each of the rooms has it’s own style, and all the objectsyou encounter actually belong in the type of room that you’re in. A gamethat is so different from other games that it sets itself apart from the pack.Toy Commander is such a game. Powered by. Let's play some Atomiswave games on Dreamcast! Not only is it an original take on the traditional 3D shooter in that you fly toy aircraft and drive ground units around a fully realised 3D house (toys which are actually being played with by a kid - the titular Toy Commander), but it really is an enjoyable experience. I would love to play them. Forum Member 13/12/18 - 16:54 #129. still want a mass effect trilogy remake . And we may not have the gadgets or lights that all your new toys have. . Oh, and it looks bloody fantastic even by today's standards. Yes, No Cliche really did pull a rabbit out of the hat when they put Toy Commander out as a launch title. Contents. Recently, you’ve gottena number of new toys that you’re spending all your time with, ignoring toys youloved when you were younger. Directed by Joseph Kosinski. 0. shoestring25 Posts: 4,290. With amazing graphics and one of the bestgameplay experiences, Toy Commander will spark the imagination of eventhe most cynical gamer. ~Ed] The battle rages from the kitchen, to the parent’s bedroom, tothe attic, and more. Simply put, Toy Commander is one of the best games to date for theDreamcast, and one of the neatest games I’ve ever played. We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. Also thanks go to Guar... 2020. Cool stuff.I too wish it had survived, to at least a real sequel. We made it all the way to another decade as a fully functioning species on this so very fragile planet we call... Ah, the Atomiswave. I, Huggy Bear, hereby declare myself Toy Commander! [Or you could call Starsky andHutch! 0. beansinthecan Posts: 1,481. you know what we should e-mail them and ask them to re-make it I am already going onto my e-mail hope you do the same they would get a way bigger fan base Asking for 275$ COLLECTOR’S EDITION FEATURES The Resident Evil 3 Collector’s Edition is the ultimate way to complete the return to Raccoon City, with an assortment of paraphernalia packaged within an alternate S.T.A.R.S. Transformers is a 2007 American science fiction action film based on the Transformers toy line.The film, which combines computer animation with live-action filming, was directed by Michael Bay, with Steven Spielberg serving as executive producer. oh, & The Godfather. When you’re driving up a ruler that’s barely wider than yourtruck, you’re going to fall off a few times. Stuckon the floor in the children’s bedroom? Toy Commander Dreamcast Pause the game. The old toys have risen up, led by the power-madHuggy Bear, the first toy you were ever given. Every item in every room is recognizable, from the pair of skis hanging in the garage to the housecat licking itself in the kitchen. The graphics are also top notch. After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy's top aviators, Pete Mitchell is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him. ohhh dude that wasjust about the best game ever made in my opinion the controls would be about the best sheme ever .