Some links are affiliate links, some are regular links. You know… “This is red wine sheet mask… it will refine your pores, like red wine! I will definitely continue to purchase this mask, I always like to have a few handy! Twitter: @mamaadventurez ITS SO GOOOD. This is definitely my favorite brand! Skin feels a bit sticky, like leftover product when I'm done, but nothing rinsing won't fix. When I took off the mask, the skin under my eyes was super red and puffy. Last night, I wasn’t feeling very well so I decided to pick up a variant that may boost my overall mood. This is worth the price. Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks Review In case you have yet to notice, I rather enjoy a sheet mask or 11 - truthfully my stash is getting a little out of hand but on the very sunny, plus side my skin has never looked better. We probably use masks about 3-4 days a week. I am typically pretty frugal, but when it comes to my skin, I am always willing to spend the extra buck, but this product was not expensive compared to other masks I have bought in the past. I left the mask on for 20 mins but it kept sliding around and peeling off my face anyway, I kept repressing it back where I wanted it. 2/10 would not recommend. Secondly, I noticed a difference in my pores afterwards! One of my favorite sheet masks. And it also did nothing for my pores either. The next morning my face was red, itchy and covered in hives. I use it once a week. My pores were smaller and very clear. My face feels tight and moisturized but my pores aren't gone or look smaller I will check back tomorrow if my face had any other reaction. I buy like 10 of them at a time and do it with my friends. not sure if i saw a difference in pores but definitely revived my tired skin!! I love how it minimizes my pores and refreshes my face. What’s it like to travel during lockdown? I have been obsessed with this mask for a while now- it always leaves my skin looking SO even and glowy! At this point the smell was nauseating and I wondered if fruit flies were gonna be attracted to me. Im new to sheet masks as well. I’ll taste the next one for comparison . !” rather than actually having those ingredients in. The Red Wine sheet mask from TONYMOLY is my absolute favorite and I horde them so none of my friends or family use them Like this Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Mask in Red Wine, which apparently is supposed to help refine pores. I make sure to do some type of deep cleansing beforehand to get all the nasty stuff out of my pores, then I apply this and leave it on for a bit longer than what's recommended. I have big pores do I wasn't surprised this didn't work. I rinsed it off and went to sleep. You have to hand it to K-beauty, they really know how to come up with the most random ingredients to put into products! This statement is displayed on every page to make sure you can't miss it. The directions dont tell you to rinse or wash your face after, but I had to. One time buy and try. I have big pores, and this makes my skin look great. Truly smells like wine & made my skin glowy and soft. All opinions are my own and I do write positive and negative reviews depending on my honest opinion. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for TONYMOLY I'm Real Red Wine Pore Care Mask Sheet, Pack of 1 at This week it was with this Red Wine facial sheet mask. Felt good but was sopping wet, which I guess was the point? After cleansing face, pat face dry and apply the mask to the skin. Anyway, I decided not to think much on what was in this face mask, I bunged it on my face and ignored it for 20-30 minutes, just like the packet told me to: I was trying so hard to be serious and not giggle that this just popped out: When I took it off, my face looked… pretty much how it did before I put it on: I have another one to try out, too, so while this red wine one wasn’t for me, I’m looking forward to trying this rice one: I am a thirtysomething travel writer, lifestyle blogger, photographer, and USA Today bestselling author in Northern Ireland, aka Mama Adventure. Would buy this mask again and again. See "about" for more info on the 3 brands I work with. I won't buy this again. I don't have sensitive skin, but for some reason my skin absolutely hated this. Emergency hotel stay review. I love this mask! Remove mask gently after 20-30 minutes and massage remaining product into the skin. This is what it looks like: And this is what the back of the pack looks like, with the ingredients and some pictures showing you how to use it: So at this point I was wondering whether, inside, the sheet mask was going to be drenched in red wine (because I’m literal, apparently) but they hadn’t soaked a sheet in actual red wine, it was the usual white papery stuff that all sheet masks ever are made of (except for those ones that are more like jelly).