which in other generations was not made known to the sons of men, as it has now been revealed to His holy, Disciples/apostles » What the disciples know, Gentiles/heathen » The apostle of the gentiles/heathen, Resurrection » What the lord has revealed, Gospel » Called » The dispensation of the grace of God, The gospel » Is called the » Dispensation of the grace of God, Knowledge » Withheld from man withheld » Gradual revelation, the divine plan, Gentiles/heathen » The gentiles being fellowheirs with the jews, Inheritance » Who is an heir of God through Christ, The promises of God » Gentiles shall be partakers of, Titles and names of saints » Fellow-heirs, Christian ministers » Ministers of » Of the gospel, God » Grace of » May be rendered ineffectual, Grace » Divine » May be rendered ineffectual, Grace » God's » May be rendered ineffectual, Leaders » Heal persecution of » Divinely appointed, Names » Of ministers » Ministers of the gospel, Power » Of God » Efficiency of ministers is through, Power » Of God » Described as » Effectual, God, Power of » Efficiency of ministers is through, Religious » Heal persecution of » Divinely appointed, Titles and names of ministers » Ministers of the gospel, Riches, spiritual » General references to » Unsearchable, Spiritual » Riches general references to » Unsearchable, Angels » Know and delight in the gospel of Christ, Creation » Everything being created by the word of God (jesus Christ), Angels » Called » Principalities » Powers, Faith/faithfulness » What is achieved through and by the faith of jesus Christ, God, Wisdom of » Exhibited in » Redemption, The Counsels and purposes of God » Are eternal, Access to God » Admission into God's presence, Access to God » Saints have, with confidence, exclusion Admission » Admission into God's presence, Boldness » Boldness, holy » General references to, holy Boldness » Is through faith in Christ, Privileges of saints » Access to God by Christ, Afflictions » Moments of Discouragement » True believers do not faint under, Faint not » True believers do not faint under afflictions, Glory » Eternal » Afflictions of ministers are, to saints, Trials » True believers do not faint under, Bowing » Why you should bow down to God the father, Church » For other leaders » For the church, Prayer » Seven earnest suppliants » For the church, Prayer » Examples of » Paul, for the ephesians, Intercessory prayer » By ministers for their people, Church » Its spiritual relationships » Saints in heaven and earth united in, Family » Its spiritual relationships » Saints in heaven and earth united in, spiritual Relationships » Saints in heaven and earth united in, Spiritual » Relationships the church, its spiritual relationships » Saints in heaven and earth united in, Spiritual » Kinship, family of God its spiritual relationships » Saints in heaven and earth united in, Titles and names of the church » Family in heaven and earth, God's Promises » Of spiritual gifts » Of strength, Holy spirit » Power of » Fills life with healing influences, Power » Promised » Strength, moral and spiritual promised, Power » Spiritual, general references to » Fills life with healing influences, Power » Of the holy spirit » Saints » Strengthened by, Power, Of The Holy Spirit » Saints » Strengthened by, Spiritual » Power » Fills life with healing influences, typical nature of Paschal lamb » Not taken out of the house, spiritual Temple » Christ dwelling in » Obtained by faith, Union with Christ » Described as » Christ being in us, Union with Christ » Maintained by » Faith, Understanding » What passes all understanding, Ability » God's Ability » To do exceeding abundantly, Abundance, spiritual » Abundant joys » Abundant power, Benedictions » Other passages appropriate to use as, Prayer, answers to » Granted » Beyond expectation, Spiritual » Abundance, of God's gifts » Abundant power, The church » Glory to be ascribed to God by. Here was a kind of wisdom altogether new; a thing outside the world, hitherto shut up in the mind of God, hid in Himself so that there was no promise or prophecy of it, but the special object of His eternal purpose; connected in a peculiar way with the One who is the centre and the fulness of the mystery of godliness; which had its own place in union with Him; which, although it was manifested on earth and set with Christ at the head of creation, formed properly no part of it. But dwelling in love we dwell in God and God in us: and that in connection with the display of His glory, as He develops it in all that He has formed around Himself, to exhibit Himself in it, in order that Christ, and Christ in the assembly, His body, should be the centre of it, and the whole the manifestation of Himself in His entire glory. The duty of the Jew was to respect this separation; he sinned, if he did not strictly observe it. It was a new creation, a distinct manifestation of the wisdom of God; a part of His thoughts which until then had been reserved in the secret of His counsels; the actual administration of which, on the earth in time by the apostle's work, made known the wisdom of God according to His settled purpose, according to His eternal purpose in Christ Jesus. Here it is what is in us, and he prays that it may exist, and that as present power in the church. Now the first thing that he looked for on the part of his beloved children in the faith, as befitting this unity and as a means of maintaining it in practice, was the spirit of humility and meekness, forbearance with one another in love. We are filled unto all the fulness of God; and it is in the assembly that He dwells for this purpose. [3] This fully distinguishes the prayer of chapter I and this. Footnotes for Ephesians 3 14: This appears to me to be the true word, and not "the fellowship." He does it, in that Christ dwells in us, with tenderest affection, and He is the strength of our heart. This answers to the two parts of the apostle's ministry pointed out in Colossians 1:23-25: as verse 27 in that chapter corresponds with verse 17 here. 15: Christ is the centre of all the display of divine glory, but He thus dwells in our hearts so as to set them, so to speak, in this centre, and make them look out thence on all the glory displayed. He is to us the strength which enables us in peace and love to contemplate all that He has done, the wisdom of His ways, and the universal glory of which He is the centre. On at least three occasions (chapter 1, chapter 3, and chapter 6), Paul either prays for the church or pleas for the church to pray for him. He enlightened all with regard, not precisely, to the mystery, [1] of the mystery; that is to say, not only the counsel of God, but the accomplishment in time of that counsel by bringing the assembly together under Christ its head. It was a new part of it. It is not, as chapter 1, objective, that they may know what is certainly true, but that it may be true for them, they being strengthened with might by His Spirit. On average, then, a prayer is recorded every two chapters. 2 Surely you have heard about the administration of God's grace that was given to me for you, 3 that is, the mystery made known to me by revelation, as I have already written briefly. Prayer. Life is righteousness and righteousness is life. "You only have I known of all the families of the earth," had Jehovah said to the Jews in Amos, "therefore will I punish you for your iniquities"; but under the name of Father of Jesus Christ all families-the assembly, angels, Jews, Gentiles, all-range themselves.