Christ! © 2001 - 2020 Democratic Underground, LLC. Advertisement. ... Schreiber concedes that music is still “trying to find its aesthetic,” he also claims the form has not yet lived up to the lavish praise heaped on it by pop culture journalist Chuck Klosterman and 19th-century French romantic composer and critic Hector Berlioz, ... More from The Onion. You don't say that, even if you think it. I said that "the campaign" we've been watching has been comical enough! The Republicans have raised the bar to such a level there's just no point in satire anymore. WASHINGTON—Years of research regarding your progress thus far and the projected outcome of your continued efforts have culminated in the finding that it is in fact time for you to give up, experts on you concluded this week. It's real people did that thing. Looking Back On The Onion’s First 15,000 Years Of Coronavirus Coverage. said he couldn't match the stuff that was going on in society. The Onion is an American satirical digital media company and newspaper organization that publishes articles on international, national, and local news. Voters decided: Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States! And that was before. Like Allen West saying he found commies under his bed. And how many times, in the few last months, I know that, of late, I've been seeing all the satire, This message was self-deleted by its author. "We'll say it one last time before we pack up and go: In 20 years, you'll be up to your asses in old folks," a written statement from the National Advisory Council On Aging read in part. Because seriously, you are running for President of the United States and you don't think it is important? Biden is now the President-elect, yet Trump refuses to recognize this election as legitimate. Russ' friends and acquaintances saw that same lack of fighting spirit. This content was created by a Daily Kos Community member. Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., known as the “Trump boys” in The Onion’s lexicon, are cast as bumbling simpletons whose misadventures — from setting up their own makeshift law firm in the White House’s electrical room to interrupting an intelligence briefing with sofa cushions duct-taped to their bodies — are the closest thing to the site’s wildly successful mockery of former Vice President Joe Biden. I believe a new word needs to be invented to get the full true essence of the level of over-the-top craziness. Some may think that it was just this one thing but it wasn't. They're a Joke, a Laughing stock, It was Henry Kissinger winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Their headline from January of 2001 was prophetic. Giving the phrase back to the future new meaning. How telling (even if it isn't real) that you can't make up outlandish things that the GOP is doing in real life. The satire, that is - he still kept teaching math, though. They should run a headline: You can't make this shit up. sites as being too real to really be funny. The pro-up-getting demonstrators' chants were nearly drowned out by those of a nearby group of jungle-boogie Downocrats, who called upon all citizens to "Get down, get down!" What an embarrassment! No really that happened, we didn't make it up. (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication. If the employee is a fool, so is the employer. bupkus This message was self-deleted by its author. Yes, I know how seriously that dates me, but I still think he had Carson beat in any way anyone can think of. Gangster Octopus. "The rowdy onion joins the aristocratic shallot, the gentle leek, the herbaceous chive, sharp scallion and assertive garlic among the 500 species of the genus Allium. The competition is fierce in the outrageous headline business these days. The company is based in Chicago but originated as a weekly print publication on August 29, 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin. Bush, Palin, McTurtle, Bachman, Jim Baker, Vetter and so forth. I gave up on trying to out satirize the conservatives a long time ago. WASHINGTON—Deciding it was time to “let the dream die,” Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave up trying to get his report on Russian election interference published Thursday after receiving his 19th literary agent rejection. ... Much, much too sad for us to pick up the pieces and bravely move forward." Daily Kos moves in solidarity with the Black community. Or here's a good one that is totally true. Mittless Rmoney as asked Colonel Batshit to lead his racial realations reachout for His & Lyin's campaign. The Onion Gives Up. Wij willen hier een beschrijving geven, maar de site die u nu bekijkt staat dit niet toe. That alone should get out the youth vote. Get up-uh, get on up!" (Not really a) Press Release from The Onion: The task of making outlandish shit up has becoming impossible in light of the real world outlandish shit already happening. Onions have layers of health benefits and are packed with nutrients. Community Gives Up Following Tragedy. By enlisting a known madman, Romney casts doubt on his OWN sanity. Are you speaking to the fairly obvious gayness of her husband? DUer TeamPooka and I were just talking about that, yesterday! Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, economic well-being, and health care were top priorities during the November election.... Sign the petition to U.S. governors and state election officials: You must continue to count EVERY vote. The Onion has been incredible lately. Really - there is no describing Honey Boo Boo. Almost not even satire. This brings up something I've been thinking about for a while. This content was created by a Daily Kos Community member. I mourn the night Steve Allen left the air. Make YOUR voice heard! And he probably said that in the 1960s. We ran that by our editors as a test and they told to stop fucking around. Thank you for visiting. Did you know a politician made a statement with a number and everything in it and then explained himself by saying it "wasn't meant to be a factual statement?". It would take a huge amount of not looking to not see that. blundering Romney campaign the polls are close. OMG - there's that "Honey Boo Boo" thingie again! Sign the petition: TRUMP MUST IMMEDIATELY CONCEDE and Congress must ensure he steps down. I mean these people are seriously wackadoodle. About | Copyright | Privacy | Terms of service | Contact. shouted Getuplican Party supporters on the steps of the Capitol as the debate, as well as a massive 14-piece instrumental jam, raged within. Some of the nutrients in onions may help promote heart health, reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer. Anyway,thank you for your support. We regret to inform our faithful readers that upon seeing a video of Mitt Romney defending his omission of the troops from his speech we have decided to pack it in. And then there is this thing called Honey Boo Boo that quite frankly is beyond satire, it is a new pardigm.