... these flavors just BARELY covered the rotten taste of the casein.-Tried making my cauliflower protein pizza crust using the casein, spiced with garlic salt and some added breadcrumbs: the cooked product smelled like dirty sock, and still had a faint taste … so pre bed, in total, it would be 121 + 120 +120 = 361 calories, and 58 grams of protein… This form of protein is from 80% of milk protein compared to whey at just 20%. ohh ok, well this milk i am taking, it has 1% fat, its 121 calories per 250 ml, and has 10grmas of protein in it. But when it comes to taste, a good vanilla protein … Others use a shaker cup. i bsaically have 250 ml for every 2 sccops of protein anyway. Human breast milk consists of 40% casein and 60% whey, while cow's milk protein is 80% casein … Casein Protein. Casein (Micellar) is a slower-digesting (Time release) form of protein found in milk and it’s a less popular product than the other protein powders. A: Casein protein … One study was published in 2000 that many consider a definitive answer: 38 police officers on low calorie diets were split into three groups: high protein with whey, high protein with casein… A: Some people mix casein protein in an electric blender as part of a smoothie. Q: How long does casein protein last? Casein Protein Powder Benefits. In its purest form, casein is a white-colored solid with no taste. Either method works; users should make sure that their protein is thoroughly mixed to maximize taste. All mammals produce casein as a component in milk for their offspring.