I also ended up making a bit of a variation on the sauce, I made a roux with butter/flour and then whisked in beef stock, cream cheese, salt/pepper, and some garlic powder. Your recipes are making it so much easier for me to "diet" and still eat the same meal I fixed the rest of the family! Very yummy! I started with 2 C. of beef stock but as the meatballs simmered, the stock evaporated. My husband loved it!. I made these last night and they were wonderful! Any thoughts? Buy the leanest beef you can find. I was so excited to try this lighter version, but was sorely disappointed! This is how my mother, and various aunties in my family made them. I was born and raised in Sweden and meatballs were pretty much a staple. Or is there a substitute maybe ? We usually eat it with a brown cream sauce (brunsås) which is basically a bechamelsauce where you replace the milk with cream and beef stock, and add som soy sauce to it. Oh, Miss Gina. Thank you for this recipe it was amazing ! I used only ground beef so I adjusted the points accordingly. could i use rice or just noodles? Also, didn't have quite enough beef broth so I made up the rest with chicken broth. Thanks so much for your amazing,delicious recipes. This was really good! Before I made this recipe, I read through the comments and adjusted the recipe accordingly. Ok I may have commented on this before but even if I did it's worth another go. While doing that, preheat the oven to 425-450 degreas. How about lightly browning the meatballs first? I put the meatballs on top of mashed potatoes. I have made it more times than I can count and have only tweaked it with one little hack. Katie – did you put the cornstarch directly into the hot stock? I served the meatballs over rice and my whole family loved it! Made these again, but this time with the butternut squashoodles! Meal prepped on Sunday, ate on Wednesday and the flavor was out of this world. He says they are the best meatballs heals ever eaten. I know this question is for Gina but I thought I’d comment: You could but note the following: yogurt may curdle with heat so I would boil down the sauce for five minutes to thicken it first. If I figured it right, I came up with about 5 points a serving and not 4. Thank you, Gina, for all your hard work providing these great recipes. Then, add these vegetables to the other meatball ingredients: ground beef, ground turkey, egg, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, and allspice and mix together. Along with fresh green beans and sauted mushrooms. If you buy 93% ground turkey it shouldn’t taste or smell gamey. While most Swedish meatball recipes call for a mixture of pork and beef, I use half beef and half turkey to make them lighter. I made your broccoli mac and cheese for supper last night, and my daughter and I kept checking and re-checking point values after eating it, because it was so amazing. Once smooth, return the sauce to the skillet with the meatballs and cook on medium-high uncovered until the sauce thickens. I used Greek yogurt cream cheese (Walmart is the only place I can find it) and added gravy master too the sauce and thickened with a little cornstarch mixed with water. And a word of caution for lazy cooks like myself—yes you need to put the sauce and cream cheese in the blender. This recipe is sooo easy and delicious. My kids gobbled it up! With all that said I love skinny taste recipes and i am most definitely making these they sound delish! there’s no cabbage listed in the ingredients and yet in the directions we’re told to brown the CABBAGE until tender…. If I don't have celery will it matter? Maybe swedish meatballs are just meant to be fattening! I was so proud! Could I use FF half and half instead of the cream cheese? I'm wanting to make Swedish meatballs, but I do not like ground pork and love that these are healthier. The only thing my husband and I talked about at dinner was the moist meatballs and to-die-for gravy. They are the best I've ever tasted. And serve them with potatoes and lingonberry yam. (Even my extremely picky 1 year old!) Just wondering, I am not a fan of allspice, is there anything else I can substitute or would it greatly effect the recipe if I left it out all together?