Race Their reunion was fleeting as Riou and Jowy were arrested soon afterwards by their former captain Rowd. He can spin one of his tonfas after beating some bosses, resembling Tracy's older twin sister, Rachael, who also spins both of her double-sided tonfas as her win animation. Like Tir McDohl in the first Suikoden, Riou is also an outright, rebellious, calm and serious person, and he is determined to fight against Highland as the leader of the Allied Army. kana SY 445 Riou is a young man with short brown hair (black in his in-game sprite appearance) with fringes on both sides and two upward fringes is in the center of his head. Ellie is working as an innkeeper at Banner Village. He is of French Origin and meaning "someone who lived near a stream ", He is of British origin and means "He who supports the world ". In the other endings, Riou gets neither. (Riou's is plot-locked until late in the game. Profile Riou has all-around great stats and can be customized for magic or melee. Bright Shield Rune (permanently attached)Rune of the Beginning**if alternate ending is chosen As a child during flashbacks, Riou wore a red long sleeve Chinese garb, black capris and sandals. He wields a tonfa and becomes the bearer of the Bright Shield Rune. 2 1 and Genso Suikogaiden Vol. S2A Jowy attempted to rescue him after ending up in Toto Village by sneaking into the Mercenary Fortress, but the boys were both caught. Trong Suikoden II, Riou là nhân vật chính, người lãnh đạo 108 thần tinh. 1 Profile 1.1 Background 2 Story 2.1 Game 3 Trivia Ellie is working as an innkeeper at Banner Village. Weapon Range: M Country (good) ending: The player says yes when, Canon (best) ending: Lose in the battle between Jowy at the. リオウ 108 Stars! He also befriends Tir after they team up in defeating the Poison Moth with their combined true runes as well as their unite attacks that proves them more powerful. 15) Viktor, Eilie and Star Dragon Sword Viktor: "Okay, we're ready. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Alive (SI,II)Unborn (SIV)Unknown (SIII,V) He also shares another peculiar characteristic with the Prince; both are the only protagonists who can flirt with some female characters in the dialog options. Ellie is a minor character in Suikoden II. 2. Agree to save Koh from the … re: Ellie?? ?cm Height If the player loaded a Suikoden game save without getting all 108 Stars of Destiny, Ellie will replace Gremio in the events of the McDohl sidequest. Assemble Genso Suikoden Radio! https://suikoden.fandom.com/wiki/Riou?oldid=163175. Innkeeper. It was quite fun :D Stats: Riou - Level 53 HP 555/555 MP 8/5/2/1 STR 187 TECH 177 PROT 96 MAGIC 177 M DEF 142 SPEED 154 LUCK 164 H … His weapon of choice is a pair of Tonfas. Status His step-sister, Nanami, was the same but in opposite. https://suikoden.fandom.com/wiki/Ellie?oldid=154742. None He cares for his step-sister, Nanami, as well as his best friend, Jowy. Appears in None I had a hard time working … Riou is a recurring character in the Suikoden series. None Nanami keeps telling Riou to give up on his fight as New State … Riou anniversary eilie fanbook gensosuikoden gensosuikoden2 gensui riou suikoden suikoden2 suikodenii riougenkaku gensouikodenii. Riou is a perfect candidate for the Friendship Rune to be embedded on his weapon. Riou là tên nhân vật chính trong Suikoden II dựa theo tiểu thuyết cùng tên của tác giả Shinjiro Hori. Both young men ended up inheriting half of the Rune of the Beginning, and must end the war before their friendship is torn apart forever. Voice (US) Suikoden Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. If the player stay idle while in the World Map, he will perform various actions after some time, such as training with his tonfas, sitting down to eat, or even sleep. None Voice (US) PlayStation - Suikoden 2 - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Starting from the third war, he can use the Bright Shield Rune, which heals all of his allies in a cross formation once. In the best ending, after constantly refusing to fight Jowy in a duel to the death, Riou heals Jowy back to health using the power of the Bright Shield Rune. NOTE: If you use MAG stones to raise your MAG stat, changes to MP … Like Tir McDohl in the first Suikoden, Riou is also a outright, rebellious, calm and serious person, and he is determined to fight against Highland as the leader of the Allied Army. Suikoden II is set three years after the events of Suikoden and tells the story of how young friends Riou and Jowy become caught up in the conflict between the Highland Empire and the City States of Jowston. Can you recruit all 108 Stars of Destiny and unite a nation? He is the hero in Suikoden II, and is the silent protagonist and Tenkai Star of that game. Riou is a fantastic character with above average stats in all categories. He wears a red and white sleeveless Chinese garb with a yellow scarf on his neck and a light blue obi that tucks on his garb, black capris and brown battle boots. She is just there as part of the Mcdohl quest. He also makes cameo appearances in both Genso Suikogaiden Vol. Oda Hisafumi (Suikoden II Drama CD) Male Portrait Runes Suikoden II Riou is a soldier of the Highland Army's Unicorn Youth Brigade and 16 years old at the beginning of Suikoden II. She also helped Marie run the Inn at the Toran Castle. Eilie: "Who's that speaking in such a loud voice over there? During the Dunan Unification War, Riou and Jowy were approached by the strategist Apple, who intended to approach Viktor and provide him information concerning the plans of the Highland Kingdom. She also helped Marie run the Inn at the Toran Castle. Genso Suikoden TIERKREIS: Castle of Stardust, Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century. Suikoden II - Riou and Eilie. romaji Status This appearance will be seen again which was now worn by Ko from Banner Village. Female Kyaro Riou and Jowy went on to join the Unicorn Youth Brigade. Suikoden II - Riou and Eilie. If Jowy dies, he becomes the bearer of the Rune of the Beginning as a whole. They were rescued by Viktor and Flik, and the boys and Nanami escaped from Highland and aided Viktor by recruiting more mercenaries. 758 Views. He is named Tao in the manga adaptation of the game. Speak to Koh in Banner Village any time after defeating Luca Blight. Tenkai Star (Chief Star of Heaven) When Gorudo and his men fatally injures his step-sister, Riou shows his anger towards them and also shows his grief when his step-sister faints due to her fatal injuries sustained by them. By CarmenMCS Watch. Unknown ?? He also wears a circlet on his forehead and wears light blue and brown gloves. Ellie Riou For a melee set-up, a combination of a Double Beat Rune, Double Strike Rune, Killer Rune, or even a Fury Rune will work wonders for him. Age Riou: "That's Bear." If the player has a lot of potch, the player can embed a Technique Rune for Riou. He has several powerful Unite Attacks in the game and his Bright Shield Rune is one of the most powerful and useful runes in the game with its diverse functions as both an offensive and defensive rune. In the middle of the game playthrough you could attain an immediate ending: Depending on the ending and/or the player's choice: As the main protagonist of Suikoden II, Riou is recruited at the beginning of the game, and cannot be removed from the party.