Repeat this process for the other three burgers, and then wrap each burger individually in saran wrap, and place in the fridge. Cut through the score marks with the pizza wheel to form 8 square burgers. Cheesy stuffed burgers are grilled over wood and topped with more cheese and grilled onions. If you haven’t cooked bacon on your pellet grill, you’re missing out. 4 People talking Join In … This helps the hamburger to be more pliable. Cook the onion over medium heat for about 15 minutes in a tablespoon of garlic infused olive oil. The most delicious, melt in your mouth, tastebud explosion with every bite burger, I’ve ever had. Click here for my full Affiliate Disclaimer, Smoked Mac and Cheese with Hatch Chiles and Bacon, Smoked Skirt Steak Skewers • Smoked Meat Sunday, 10 Smoked Meat Recipes - You've Gotta Try #8 - Smoked Meat Sunday, 45 Snacks You Can Make on Your Smoker for the Super Bowl, 70 Burger Recipes Plus A Giveaway - Intelligent Domestications, Review: Mountain Primal Meat Co. – Purchase Organic Beef Online, A Simple Smoked Corned Beef Burnt Ends Recipe on a Traeger, Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash Cooked on a Traeger, Love Sauce? I like to glaze my bacon with some maple syrup, and then sprinkle it with brown sugar. Don't even try telling me Lebron is better than Jordan either. I love great BBQ. When you're ready to cook, get your smoker set up to cook at 225 degrees, and then place the burgers directly on the grill grate. Carefully press down the edge of the top patty into the bottom, eliminating the seam. Thaw hamburger to fridge temperature. Required fields are marked *. Add salt and pepper too. Looking for something different? It’s a weakness, and I have a problem. Your family will thank you. In fact, I ate mine without condiments or a bun! Traeger Smoked Burgers – The Gourmet Juicy Lucy, Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers AKA Gourmet Juicy Lucy. Chill the burgers in the fridge for about 4 hours. Cook it over medium heat for about 15 minutes in a tablespoon of garlic infused olive oil. Don’t judge me. … These burgers truly will make you a star at the next family BBQ. In a second large bowl, put one pound of Snake River Farms 85/15 hamburger, and 1 egg. Once the onions and bacon are chilled remove them from the fridge, along with the blue cheese crumbles, and shredded white cheddar. Preheat your grill to 375. This is where it was originated although where is truly up for debate. When the bacon is done dice it, and place in the refrigerator. Be my best friend. The hamburger press makes this process super simple. Smoked Stuffed Burgers Wrapped in Piggy Goodness You just can't go wrong with smoked burgers stuffed with a big 'ol hunk of cheese and wrapped in long, tasty slices of cured pork belly. What's better than a juicy burger hot off the grill? The burger mixture should be wet. Fry a small amount of the mixture in a … First, cook a pound of bacon on the Traeger. Cook the bacon on your smoker. Seriously. Your email address will not be published. Not an onion ring fan? After you put the bacon on the Traeger, dice up half an onion. Form into 12 patties. Served with a side of pesto-infused potatoes and cauliflower, this was definitely one of my better recipe fails. These stuffed burgers are the ultimate in grilling season inspiration. Her latest challenge, “burgers always turn out dry when you cook them on the smoker”. I like the internal temp of my juicy lucy's to be 165 degrees. Use your hands to mix everything together. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Place cheese on one side of the patty, then top with another (slightly smaller) patty. Choose your cheese wisely, I used colby jack.