See more ideas about Street photography, Photography, Street. This list covers the spectrum of many of the most important photography books in street photography history. Street Photography Collection. 13. street photography. With these Street Photography Lightroom Presets it is possible to adjust color settings, enhance saturation and add various shades to the picture. 1 Season 6 Episodes. While books are not presented in order (as that is so subjective), and it by no means is able to cover every incredible street photography book, the goal is to create a starting list for anyone looking to begin or improve their photography book collection. Reading Time: 7 minutes BJP speaks to the creators of the documentary Last Stop Coney Island: The Life and Photography of Harold Feinstein about the late photographer’s life and work. The stand-out book of the Mastering… series from publisher Ammonite, Brian Lloyd Duckett’s years of experience and own strong style make this the perfect hybrid of “how-to” and inspiring visual feast. Now, they are raising money to make the it available on DVD 340 Street Photography Lightroom Presets . Free Preset Lightroom Street Bundle will help to enhance the photos of the ancient buildings, modern skyscrapers and passing-by people. Mar 24, 2020 - Explore Digital Photography School's board "Street Photography", followed by 136823 people on Pinterest. The Street Photography Cologne Collective was founded in 2017 with the ambition to promote Street Photography as a contemporary art form. Q&A, street photography 1 month ago Preserving the legacy of Harold Feinstein. Street photography today can vary greatly in how it looks and how it was made, but there are common elements that thread the work of all the greats: a love for the unexpected and candid moments of life, an ability to find visual order within the chaos of the world, and an unparalleled creative vision. And for those wondering why I refer to film director Stanley Kubrick in a Street Photography article, you will love looking at his photography work for Look Magazine from 1945 to 1950, an incredible image collection of New York City life on the street. Season 1 ; XST aka Shawn Theodore Street Photography Collection is a selection of some of the most interesting documentaries on international contemporary street photographers.