With all our writing services we make sure to carry out a great deal of research before putting words on paper. In a shorter form “b” is the cube root of “a” if b^3 = a. Yes, because results that are statistically significant are also practically significant. We have over 1500 academic writers ready and waiting to help you achieve academic success, Asked By adminstaff @ 23/07/2019 02:50 AM, Asked By adminstaff @ 23/07/2019 02:49 AM, Asked By adminstaff @ 23/07/2019 02:48 AM, Asked By adminstaff @ 23/07/2019 02:47 AM, Asked By adminstaff @ 23/07/2019 02:46 AM, Asked By adminstaff @ 23/07/2019 02:45 AM, Asked By adminstaff @ 23/07/2019 02:44 AM. To answer all your concerns, our customer service team is active 24/7. Rational functions C. Periodic functions D. Logarithmic functions. Free math problem solver answers your algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics homework questions with step-by-step explanations, just like a math tutor. Which of the following does not represent a function? 343 and -343 are examples of perfect cubes. Which constants can be multiplied by the equations so one variable will be eliminated when the systems are added together? LOGIN TO POST ANSWER. Greg wants to find the amount of concrete needed to cast a pillar he has designed. Add and . In case you are wondering, can someone write my research paper? The cube root of -8 is written as \( \sqrt[3]{-8} = -2 \). Sam is observing the velocity of a car at different times. What is cube root? Related Questions in Mathematics. … We also offer a money back guarantee if the customer is not happy with our service. Written as \( \sqrt[3]{x} = x^{\frac{1}{3}} \). How many shirts did you buy? What could be the lengths of the sides of the original triangle? Write and simplify the equation you would use to solve the problem below. Two six-sided fair dice are rolled. We have experienced tutors and assignment experts from all over the world for all subjects. A cube root of a number a is a number x such that x 3 = a, in other words, a number x whose cube is a. The “b” cube root number can be found by raising the “a” number to the power of 1/3. Line 1 x y –6 3 3 6 Line 2 x y –3 1 3 3 A. Asked By adminstaff @ 23/07/2019 02:50 AM. TutorsOnSpot.com. The probability that at least one number is odd and the sum of the two numbers is even is. 3rd root of 343 = 77^3 = 343. A triangle is enlarged by a factor of 3. So = 3. Name the line and plane shown in the diagram. The content written by our service is totally original and free from all kinds of plagiarism. The first equation can be multiplied by 7 and the second equation by 13 to eliminate y. 343 is 7 to the power of 3 ( 7 x 7 x 7 = 343) To find 7 to the 3 power to the 2/3 power you multiply the exponents and raise 7 to that power: 3 x 2/3 = 2 7^2 = 49 You spend $77 shopping. Some common roots include the square root, where n = 2, and the cubed root, where n = 3. The loan had an interest rate of 5.86%, compounded monthly. What is the square root of 343 to the 3rd power +18. Tap for more steps... Rewrite as . The perimeter of the new triangle is 36 feet. In the same way as a perfect square, a perfect cube or cube number is an integer that results from cubing another integer. When D is divided by 15, the result is 6 with a remainder of 2. what is the remainder when D is divided by 6? To the nearest tenth, what percentage of the total cost of the loan did her finance charges comprise? Round all dollar values to the nearest cent. Sqrt 343 = 18.5203 18.5203^3 = 6352.49. Get $25 Free For Your Homework Writing Help, The integer 4 is considered all of the following except _____. Part B: Are the box plots symmetric? -x^2-x+19=y X=y+80. Why or why not? 3:1 9:1 27:1 81:1, If 11 × 19 = 209, which of the following is true? Root of √49=7 which results into 7√7 The difference between the two groups was found to be statistically significant. Calculate the fifth root of numbers. Multiply and . Raise to the power of . Combine and simplify the denominator. Now extract and take out the square root √49 * √7. LOGIN TO VIEW ANSWER. 0. How many solutions does this system of equations have? By using this website, you agree to our Cookie Policy. Simplify square root of 4/3. This can be done if the argument is a known power of the base. Calculating square roots and n th roots is fairly intensive. If a player at first base throws the ball to a player at third base, what is the distance the player has to throw?