NT Contributor. The concept of spiritual care in mental health nursing. The relationship of spiritual health with quality of life, mental health, and burnout: The mediating role of emotional regulation. helping others. 2018;13(1):22-31. Aim. In this paper we aim to clarify the issue of spiritual care in the context of mental health nursing. Training on spirituality can help mental health professionals meet patients’ spiritual needs by increasing their confidence in addressing the subject. Meeting spiritual needs in mental health care. Spiritual and Pastoral Care is an important feature of the recovery approach, pointing to a greater sense of hope, self-worth, and empowerment among service users wherever they are on their journey. The positive contribution that spirituality can make in improving mental health and well-being is of growing interest academically, clinically, and pastorally. Or, a person may be looking for the continued sense of hope and community offered by their religion, which spiritual care can offer. For example, people who have experienced long-term mental health problems may find more comfort in taking a spiritual worldview than a purely rationalist one. Coping with daily stress: Differential role of spiritual experience on daily positive and negative affect. Whitehead BR, Bergeman CS. The concept of spirituality in nursing has received a great deal of attention in recent years. The dominance of the medical model in mental health care and the paradigm of evidence-based health care has meant that many practioners do not feel confident to use spiritual interventions with the people they wish to help. Iran J Psychiatry. Modern mental health care has tried for decades to find its place in a medical system that still sees the body primarily as a machine and gives little heed to the conscious being inhabiting it. PMID:29892314. Abstract. 28 February, 2013. Spiritual needs may include unresolved life questions, such as how a patient should make sense of their mental health situation or how they define good and bad. the Bible exclusively. Spiritual care can address spiritual or religious needs during treatment. One way nurses can promote the spiritual recovery journey is by encouraging clients to focus on; forgetting past experiences. Background. Therefore, it is uncertain whether mental ill-heath in some way causes people to take a more spiritual view of life or whether a spiritual understanding of life is somehow detrimental to mental health.