Chemical Characteristics Acid value: Maximum 0,2 Ukraine Iodine Value (Wijs): 123 - 139 Smoke Point: 460 , 465oF Arachidic max. Circumstances. Packaging & Delivery Real-time Market Prices of Soybean Oil. Cold Test: 5.5 hrs. c. Color Lovibod 51/4" cell: Red Maximum 2-5 & Yellow Maximum 25 Payment Term - LC Ukraine, Supplier From Cleaning Without presence of residue from pesticides or insects, Product name: Soybean oil Unsaponifiable Substances, g/kg:2,8 maximum. Oleic 20.0 - 35.0 % Tamil Nadu, Soya oil contains high Soya bean oil, crude unrefined, bulk or packed in flexi tank inside 20 ft container. These … Dornbirn, Trans Fat Free Saponification Value: mg HOH/g: 180 â?? C16:0:Palmitic 8.0 - 14.0 % Thailand, Supplier From Dortmund, Soybean oil has also a number of other advantages compared with other vegetable oils: Certification: ISO No Time to Search? Certification: BRC, Kosher, Halal, ISO, Haccp, Halal Saponification Value: 191 - 192 Rajasthan, Moisture %: 0.05 - 0.1% No Artificial Additives or Preservatives Model Number: holiday Saponification Value, mg KOH/g:187 - 195 "Soybean Oil" is a vegetable oil that's extracted from the seeds of the soybean plant. Iodine value USP 120 - 141 Solubility Slightly soluble in ethanol 96 Soluble in chloroform and ether. India, Supplier From Wenzhou, Origin: Argentina / Brazil Peroxide Value meq/ kg: 1.0 meq/ kg max. Acid number - not more than 6,0 mg /g Flash temperature - not lower than 225 Ã?°Ã�¡ Germany, Supplier From Iodine Value (Wijs): 124 140 Specific Gravity Range at 25ºC According to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Test Method (Flexitanks, 20L Jerry Can, 1, 5 L bottles, etc)", REFINED SOYBEAN OIL Ukraine, Ukraine, Supplier From Polyunsaturated fatty acids ; 59 mg 100% pure Soybean oil is a very versatile and widely used carrier oil. max. 100% Refined Soybean Oil Grade A Fire Point: 690 - 695oF Supply Ability Ukraine, Supplier From C18:0:Stearic 3.0 - 5.0 % 1.465 to 1.475 Peroxide Value at loading (meq/kg) NEN-EN-ISO 3960 max 1.0 It is intended for processing in the oil and fat industry. Any custom package.Contener load, standard specification. Country of origin of the product - Argentina, Product Description C22:0: Behenic 0.2% GMO Free - Oil Does Not Contain Water. Cottonseed oil USP passes You need to enable Javascript in your browser to use most features on our website. Moisture and Volatile Matter, %:0,2 maximum - Factory produce, clean packaging, caution loading of goods into the transportation vessel, save transportation of goods to the shipping site. Meat and fish are very tasty if they are fried in soja bean oil. Other oil available based on bulk volume. : maximum 1.50% Purity (%): 15 Port: Cat Lai, Ho Chi Minh. Grade: A Central Jakarta, Due to COVID-19 pandemic, if we miss your call, please leave us a detailed voicemail and we will call you back ASAP. Lecithin (expressed as phosphorous) : basis 0.020%, maximum 0.025% Cold Test: 5.5 hrs Offered chemical and additive keeps the plastic soft, pliable & enhances the impact resistance of PVC products. C14:0 Myristic 0.1% WE HAVE SOYBEAN OIL FROM BRAZIL, IN 20 LITTER BAQUET. Myristic max. Processed Food & Beverages Products & By Products, Supplier From NUTRITION FACTS PER 100 GRAM Colour Lovibond (5 188 inch) NEN 6308 15Y, 1,5R Peroxide Value: 0.5 meq/kg - 1.0 meq/kg Leguminosae). Frying Per ISO Standard The direct contract with the Factory . Ukraine, Supplier From Season: All year round Free Fatty Acid, % m/m Oleic Acid:0,3 maximum. Used as a plasticizer in polyvinyl chloride plastics, the Epoxidized Soybean Oil is tested on various quality parameters to ensure its effectiveness and purity. Saponification Value: 191 - 192 Free Fatty Acid %: 0.05% max. C17:1:9-Heptadecenoic 0.0 - 0.1% palmitate C16:0 7 - 14 h. Kreis test: Negative, Price of product ( USD price or FOB price) : Smell: Strong soybean aroma Unsaponifiable matter (test as per n.S.P.A.) Location - central Ukraine, port of discharge - Odessa. Cold Test: 5.5 hrs Specific gravity USP 0.916-0.922 Typical Fatty Acid Profile (major acids) South Korea (Republic Of Korea), Supplier From Price is dependent on quantity Price and delivery condition are individual (depend on quantity, quality and destination). New Delhi, INDIA Browse soybean-oil suppliers by country and region. Place of origin: Ukraine The oil can be selectively hydrogenated to mix with semi-liquid or liquid oils. Waukesha, Price : Refined: 815$/MT Soy oil plays a very important role in the life of humans, since it is a source of biologically active and valuable fatty acids, and is used in to help prevent cardiovascular diseases and facilitate metabolism. - Crudo Refractive index USP 1.465-1.475 Uttarakhand, b. China, Supplier From Argentina, Supplier From Soybean Oil PRODUCT : SOYBEAN OIL (REFINED & CRUDE) - Flash Point Oc - Min 121c Dhaka, C18:2:Linoleic 47.0 - 57.0% NJ, Color por lovibond Rojo: 4.4 Type:Name 0.1 % levels of polyunsaturated fats (which break down when heated). Possible to load bulk only in cyster trucks. Canada. Specific Gravity @ 25oC: 0.915 0.925 Please click here to check who's online and chat with them. a. Brazil , Ukraine Smoke Point: 460 465oF Palmitic 8.0 - 12.0 % Ukraine, Supplier From C22:0 1% Max PACKING : IN PET BOTTLES, TIN, DRUM & FLEXI TANKS Price is discussed individually 00380979392.931 Rivera, Container capacity: 16-22ton, Disponible 0.5 % C18:0 1>7% Kyiv, Ho Chi Minh, Colour: Bright light golden The oil easily undergoes processing, during which phosphatides, trace metals and soaps are removed, and thereby the stability of the oil increases. min. Appearance: Shinny golden C18:3 Linolenic 5.8 8.2% Specific Gravity @ 25oC: 0.915 , 0.925 AGRARIAN CENTER, a leading Ukrainian Agricultural Company provides supplies of soybean oil originated from Ukraine to the CIS, EU, Near and Far abroad countries. - Phosphorus Ppm 150 Max Clorofila: 686. Between 2018 and 2019, around 62 million tons (56 million metric tons) of soybean oil were produced around the globe, making it one of the most common cooking oils available. Minimal order - container or truck - 23-26 mt. Per ISO Standard Iodine Value (Wijs): 123 - 139 Page - 1 Baking See more offers of Soybean Oil chevron_right. (Flexitanks, 20L Jerry Can, 1, 5 L bottles, etc)", Free Fatty Acid %: 0.05 0.1% - Moisture (%) Nen-en-iso 662 Max 0.5 Specific Gravity @ 25oC: 0.915 0.925 Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances - not more than 6,0 in terms of stearooleoletsitin, not more than 0,54 in terms of 5 C24:0:Lignoceric 0.0 - 0.1% Specific Gravity @ 25oC: 0.915 - 0.925 Odor and taste - typical for soybean oil without foreign odor and flavor. Cultivation Type:Organic 0.1% Moisture %: 0.05 - 0.1% Ankara, Fire Point: 690 695oF Without GMO. C18:1:Oleic 20.0 - 32.0 % Crude Soybean Oil: Unrefined soybean oil is darker amber in color, semi-solid at room temperature and melts to an amber liquid when heated. TYPICAL FATTY ACID PROFILE (MAJOR ACIDS) FATTY ACID PROPERTIES We offer you a long-term and reliable cooperation! OSI @ 110oC: 5.5 6.0 hrs Use: Cooking REFINED SOYBEAN OIL Cold Test: 5.5 hrs Soybean oil, soybean meal, full fat soy, dehulled soy meal, lecithin, sunflower oil, and sunflower meal, vegetable oil for cooking oil, food ingredient, food processing Crude degummed soybean oil (cd sbo) Neutralized bleached soybean oil (nb sbo) Refined bleached deodorized soybean oil (rbd sbo) Deodorized distillate soybean oil, scum oil (ddo) Soybean oil fatty acid (sofa). Soy oil is a product derived from soybean processing. Moisture 86 ppm The Contract With the Factory . Saponification Value: 191 - 192 REFINED SOYBEAN OIL - NON GMO - HUMAN CONSUMPTION: We speak: English, Russian, Polish, German, Ukrainian. Trans fatty acids ; 2,6 mg C18:3: Linolenic 5.8 - 8.2 % 0.5 % Itâ? New Delhi, INDIA Product origin : Saponification value USP 180 - 200 OSI @ 110oC: 5.5 6.0 hrs Refractive index: 1.465-1.475 Smoke Point: 460, 465oF C14:0 :Myristic 0.1% Free Fatty Acid %: 0.05 - 0.1% - Iodine Value (G 12/100g) Nen-en-iso 3961 118>141 Palmitoleic max. Brand Name: Vietdelta Packaging: Bulk, Can (Tinned), Plastic Bottle Price is dependent on quantity Iodine Value, WIJS:103 - 135 MINI ORDER QTY : 500 MT - Crudo desgomado Kiev, Physical and Chemical Analysis Values:(The values may vary within standards) Type Name