I've made some sprites for my Sonic 2 Mania mod. I never thought it was a bad recolor. BECDoesDA Aug 26, 2019. They Must Of Somehow Ripped The Sprites From The Game! I've noticed the code is enabled on the "Codes" section of the Mod Manager, and I also seen this code on the bottom, which is cannot uncheckable. I Am Surprised Such A Games Consoles Sprite Can Be Ripped! 491x260px 18.99 … My name is Jerry Horton (A.K.A. Comments 8. Full. Hello! Create Sprite Sign in … Create Sprite; Sign in; 1x. . Reply. (From my original Sonic.exe's Mania sprite sheet). Already a deviant? this scene creator is only for sonic mania if you have a sonic scene creator go to this page and post your game if you add anything that is not mania scene creator it can be removed sonic mania scene creator, a Studio on Scratch. You can call it Tria Amentia 2, Sonic 2 Almost Remastered or what ever you wanna call it More sprites coming soon. I have a problem when I using this mod. Especially Chibi Tails and Ray, Sonic's falling sprite seems like he has his top body to the side and his feet spined to the front which makes for a awkward fall. Layers Transform Palettes . . IMAGE DETAILS. I'm using SuperSonic16's Mania Mod Manager and when I enable this mod, the Mod Manager forces to use the "P2 Has Sonic's Abilities" code. I take Screenshots ^_^ (on Console Version) This mod changes: New title screen/music New save select music New act clear music Sonic 3 sprites and palette Sonic 3 styled Chaos Emeralds Sonic 3 styled HUD and signpost And a small easter egg in Knuckles' Lava Reef Boss ;) scratchstory79 added the project Super sonic sprite sheet (Sonic Mania) 7:21 p.m. On November 23, 2019 bigbromike10 added the project Fist bump action! TODO Sprites made by Maria/SketchAnimations. [PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION] #SonicManiaSpriteAnimation #HesseSonic Sonic Mania Adventures sprite animation Part 1 is here! After some time, Sonic 3 Mania is finally ready and it doesn't stop with Sonic's sprite! Let's just say this is an prototype and bad recolored Exetior. Sonic. You Might Like . Sonic's dash sprite is real odd and doesn't fit the style of the classics and mania and looks like sonic has a ball for legs, i would have much preferred some more mania dash like legs. 6:53 p.m. Alex13Art Aug 26, 2017. Stydex786 Mar 28, 2019. • Request the next official video game character in the 'Sonic Mania Sprite Style' speed pixel art series. ^_^ Reply. Sonic. Sonic Mania's colours were great but why not have palettes from earlier games with 45 degree rotation AND edited sprites? Image size. sonic sprites by flarethefox1234. Log In. • Make request for recreating Sonic video game cut scenes into sprite animations. Join the community to add your comment. This pack contains palettes for the following games:.Sonic 1.Sonic 1 Prototype.Sonic 1 Expanded.Sonic 1 & 2 SMS/GG.Sonic 2.Sonic 2 Expanded.Sonic Chaos.Sonic 3&Knuckles.Knuckles Chaotix.Sonic Trippple Trouble.Sonic 3D Blast