Xiaxia Solar mole repeller is a high-quality piece of equipment designed to help clean the rodent menace in gardens and yards. According to customer reviews and our own research and reviews, the list of repellant options below will do the trick for solar animal repellers just about anywhere in the world. However, many have also said the success rates are only temporary. The sonic spike is easily installed and uses the included rechargeable batteries to keep the sonic pulses going night and day for as long as the spikes are installed. 11. Position the mole repellent here for the best results. Score . First of all, and for me, the most important aspect, is that there are no harmful chemicals with a solar repeller. The weatherproof stakes ward off unwanted gophers, moles and even snakes within a 60ft radius by sending a vibratory sonic pulse through the ground every 3 minutes. Voles, however, eat roots. Score. The third and final question to ask on looking for the best sonic mole repellers is how much area the repeller covers. I plugged in the ultrasonic device above the stove and let them run. They cover 7000 square feet each and last for up to 8 days. Your lawn isn’t exposed to nastiness, which means your kids, your pets and your friends aren’t exposed, either. Environmentally friendly, humane, and safe for humans and pets alike, this repellent is a great choice for those looking to establish a solid base of coverage to repel burrowing buddies, encouraging them to relocate elsewhere. I assessed the entire reason for the shortfall and came up with a training solution to correct this problem, which was successfully implemented. Do they knock off after a couple of hours or are they working for you 24/7? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The unit itself can be recharged by solar panel or USB, is waterproof and comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty. An alternative to our previous 6 pack on the list, Apello solar … Solar sonic pest repellers are one of the safest, if not the safest, way to eliminate pests. Rank . >> Tap Here to Read More Reviews and See Today’s Price on Amazon.com <<. The cheapest 2 pack on the list at $21.99, this repellent is a great deterrent for moles, voles, gophers, groundhogs and any other ground pests looking to inhabit your lawn and garden. What Size Solar Panel Is Needed For A Fridge? 9.7 . Another great choice for those looking for a medium to large coverage area, the Vekibee sonic mole repellent 4 pack has a quick 4-hour solar charge time and an average product life of 2 years, making it an excellent option for those who want to set and forget. If you’re like me, though, you don’t want to hurt the little guys. Find the Top Solar Mole Repellers with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and … The obstructions prevent the solar cells from receiving the full solar exposure they need to collect the light for conversion to electricity. One charge can keep the stake operating for up to 5 days in total darkness, making it hard for critters to find a break in your defenses. For an amazing chemical-free, solar-powered pest eliminator, check out the Vensmiles repeller. I was proactively involved in the improvement of various companies through my placement company – Outsourcing Innovations (who placed me at Test and Data Services). Like many of the other stakes on this list, the Fitmaker emits an industry standard 400hz pulse every 30 seconds, continuously repelling away rodent intruders. Will a mole repeller get rid moles and voles? However, they may cause irritation for some dogs, cats, or rodent pets like gerbils and hamsters. That being said, let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of solar mole repellers. Easy to Install Moler Repeller. No more mice for her to hunt in the back room! An eight-hour charge powers the devices for an impressive eight days. – and from precise location to location. Completely hassle-free, solar powered repellents require no batteries and don’t need to be plugged in. Most mole repellers will work for both moles and voles. I didn’t want that. It is a top seller with a range of happy customers backing its potency and reliability. They don’t use chemicals – which is definitely a huge plus – but that means that moles may go away briefly but come back again. If you work a long 12-hour office job day, though, this can be a significant inconvenience. This best outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller transmits its signal in all directions approx. Apello Repellent Ultrasonic Deterrent, solar repellers are clean, green, renewable energy. Although the 8 hour charge time is slightly longer than that of its competitors, a single charge can last for up to a full week, ensuring round the clock protection. Like, head for the hills, the devil’s after us kind of flee. Other animals continue hating the sound, though, and stay away. This is a waterproof, rainproof device that works on rainy days as well as sunny days. Finally, solar mole repellers are incredibly easy to use. If you’re searching for a mole repellent bargain buy, look no further. Environmentally friendly like the other options on this list, Vensmile stakes encourage rodents to look elsewhere without the use of harmful and inhumane poisons and chemicals.