While there are some differences, the fact that the MX3 stores the volume levels independently for headphones and speakers was the main function that swayed me toward the unit. Equipped with the function of remote control, easy for far distance control. Again we would like more progressiveness with the volume control here. Views? Elegant and nuanced restitution, much like the presentation of the NuForce DDA120 itself. The war machine goes pretty fast into the turns and again the power is obtained without the need to push much on the volume - a very pleasing punch. Bluesound Pulse Flex: A wonderful little speaker with integrated Qobuz App (Hi-Res)! Very bare, but pure and of a certain class, the facade of the NuForce DDA120, which is made entirely of aluminum (sandblasted natural, anodised or anthracite), reveals various displays (sources on the left and volume more to the right), with those in the middle corresponding to the infrared remote control receiver. The new Topping MX3 might work too, but I don't know much about it. This 45w x 2 (4ohm) digital power amplifier can be used for multi-function equipment. This particular exercise is new to us, but we wanted to cover the important information in this four-way comparison, and therefore will provide a small technical section which will cover the essential, and give a global view of the insides of each device along with a section describing the amplifiers. D8은 역시 USB DAC 사용시 24bit 192kHz 사용에 별다른 고민이 필요없다는게 장점이고.. AD18과 비교해서 보다가 Topping MX3가 눈에 들어오는 바람에 고민입니다. It offers many opportunities for equalization and its sound performances, for all its strength and power, lacks some finesse at times. Masterful. At the rear, three digital inputs, a USB microphone (24 bits at 96 kHz) to connect to a computer (PC or Mac) or to a tablet or a smartphone running iOS, and two S / PDIF inputs (coaxial and optical, 24 bit 192 kHz). This device seems to be a somewhat milder version of the all-digital amplifier, allowing for advantages in terms of size and ease of use in this type of device. Subwoofer output is also nice. S.M.S.L Q5 pro - The S.M.S.L Q5 pro offers a fairly elegant restitution of this track - lacking perhaps only some presence on the singer's voice - but with beautiful guitar chords, well stitched into the top and guided ostensibly. The display always shows the volume and the selected entry, and temporarily displays adjustments in bass or treble levels. This 45w x 2 (4ohm) digital power amplifier can be used for multi-function equipment. Sony PHA-1AEU: A Qobuzism for this portable Headphone DAC with amplifier from the Japanese constructor! Just purchased one of these…it’s on from 09:00am until 10:00pm every day and barely gets warmer than room temperature – regarding the remote, the included instructions seemed easily understood – first select “A” to control the amplifier (it controls a CD player in other modes), so perhaps they saw this review and fixed the problems you mention…. If someone has one I have the same questions about it. Including the mainstream audio mode. The aim here is not to establish a formal hierarchy, but rather issue opinions and assessments as objectively as possible, and we conclude with a brief summary on each device. These are associated with inductors (upper part of the picture) to provide effective filtering of supply voltages of the amplifiers. Comparison: Four digital amplifiers, Four audio benchmarks! The volume control knob is also used to turn the device on and off through prolonged pressure and source of change by pressing briefly. S.M.S.L Q5 pro - The restitution of the first movement of this concerto is so detailed that it captures, for the listener, the significance of every inflection of the orchestra and soloist. The treble of the violin is discrete, but the introduction of the main theme is proof of a beautiful product here as the orchestra explodes. Anyone here have one? The above configuration worked fine with a Philips soundbar attached via optical so it must be something with the Q5? A small central display displays the type of OLED in service, the volume, sampling frequency, while bass and treble settings are accessed by applying pressure on the volume button. We note the presence of an output for subwoofer. It is designed to increase or decrease certain audio values, such as tone control, volume control. It is created to drive high quality audio signals through sampling rates ranging between 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz. We nearly vibrate along with the cymbals, all with good monitoring of dynamics. Our company is specialized in the audio DAC, stereo headphone amplifier, power amplifier, and with own R&D, manufacturing and marketing team. Nuforce DDA120 - The NuForce DDA120 offers beautiful sound reproduction with presence and good atmosphere, finesse on the singer's voice and the chorus, topped off with punctuated guitar chords that spin gracefully. Są jednak inne wzmacniacze tego typu. There are three digital inputs for the D802, a USB type B to connect to a computer, smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android), and two S/PDIF inputs (one coaxial and one optical). 14 comments. We hope that SMSL could find a better solution for the heat dissipation in their next generation. I had the same dilemma when I bought mine. 2018-03-09 share. SMSL Q5 pro to cyfrowy wzmacniacz impulsowy z przetwornikiem analogowo-cyfrowym dla wejścia liniowego. Beyerdynamic A 200 p portable DAC / headphone amplifier: compact but extremely versatile! When looking for a DAC/Amp for this set up, I was undecisive between the SMSL AD18 and this Topping unit. You can connect it to different devices using USB ports, coaxial, optical and analog inputs. The SMSL Q5 Pro offers a number of connectivity features. Hi, i have one of these, great unit. Nuforce DDA120 - The dynamic width of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, particularly on the discrete set of the orchestra and the soloist in the first movement, is carried with a very good definition and reproduces the wonderfully recorded movement with power and mastery. Amplifier with DAC UDA1: a very Qobuz effort from Sony for dematerialised music! The SMSL Q5 is a powerful DAC amp that is capable of delivering two different power levels, that are, 25W/channel at the rate of 8 ohms and 45W/channel at the rate of 4 ohms.