I regretted buying it the first few nights because I thought it was too firm. This is the best mattress I have ever had I was a little skeptical to get it off of the Internet not being able to fill it but it's the best investment I've made in a long time my mother and my two little brothers got this mattress after laying in mines also got rid of that back pain that I had. I bought this as a toddler bed when we were transitioning my son from the crib to a bed. So with all that said I have had this new mattress for going on 3 weeks now and I must say it has alleviated all the complaints I have described about my previous mattress, I believe that it is too soon to effectively rate this product accurately with out seeing if I will have a problem because of having the previous product only 6 months and being so unhappy overall, having a mattress for 18 months and trying to get a replacement for a year I was happy to get a good night sleep. Sorry. We are both inner spring sleepers our whole life. I'm going to replace our two childrens mattresses with these. Price: $274.95 & FREE Shipping: Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free Prime shipping. I really loved this mattress for the first few months. #findscomfort @SleepInnov Follow us … No, it doesn't vibrate or cure irritable bowel syndrome or make the dog stop off gassing. My boyfriend was suffering from sciatic nerve and hip issues - the pain stopped when he started sleeping on this mattress.This is the third Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress I've purchased. I keep a thick mattress pad on top to protect and ensure a long life. This product supports me and I wake up with no pain or sore muscles. This was one of two brands that we considered, the other was not in stock and we needed a new mattress, STAT.Shipping was fast, cost was reasonable, and my back is much improved. For more information about sleep trials and returns/exchanges, customers should contact the retailer where they plan to purchase their Sleep Innovations mattress. Open the box, follow the directions to carefully cut away the protective compression packaging and enjoy as your mattress takes shape in front of your eyes. Although most customers found the Skylar to be comfortable at first, there were some complaints about the feel of the mattress and heat retention. It might take a night or five to get completely used to it (bonus if you have a memory foam pillow to go with it! *Warning: This mattress is extremely heavy and cumbersome, be prepared! If you purchase this I would highly recommend than you buy a deep pocketed sheet set, because of the immense depth of the mattress. In contrast, unresponsive mattresses can cause couples to have trouble switching positions. Husband likes a firm mattress, I like a medium one, and we both agree this is medium but he also loves it.It does make me warm when I sleep. Owned for about 7 months now. My wife was concerned about how long the odor would take to go away as we needed to sleep on this thing the same day I opened it. I'd actually like it a little firmer but some seem to think it is pretty firm. But I like a firmer mattress. I guess since its foam, that it might feel a bit warmer but I have a ceiling fan so I have never noticed it to be too hot for me. According to customer reports, Skylar mattresses are virtually silent when bearing weight. I'm a middle-aged man of average build and I didn't have too much trouble wrestling this into place. I am sleeping better than at anytime in my 67 years!!!! None of the negatives are noted so far, and I now own five of these, three twin size and two queen size. It came there was no smell like some viewers mentioned.It came early which was great. It wasn't. It was blissful. But, if you are looking for a temporary mattress that you expect only to have for a year, these mattresses may be a good way to save money. Pretty much every morning I wake up from a dream. For more information on how firmness is calculated, please visit our Mattress Firmness page. I wanted to send it back, but I found that repacking was very cumbersome because I could not roll the foam into a coil to fit in the box. Our customer reports indicate that Sage mattresses can effectively isolate motion and minimize disturbances in other areas of the bed. :). On day 2 or 3 my coworkers actually commented on my pep and energy level. Its more medium/firm. Your body heat helps the expansion process. I tried a $175 pillow top mattress cover, and every type of pillow you can imagine. It is not too firm at all! Sleep Innovations Marley 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen by Sleep Innovations. Additionally, the company’s 20-year nonprorated warranty is longer than the limited warranties offered by most other mattress manufacturers. The Sage mattress conforms as closely as other memory foam models and alleviates a comparable amount of pressure, according to customer feedback. $345.00. On my last purchase I spent over $2500.00 on a Seally posterpedic job. 98 $174.98 $ 174. Our customer reports indicate that Alden mattresses can effectively isolate motion and minimize disturbances in other areas of the bed. This is a great mattress for someone with back issues. We love this mattress now it has softened. After 6 months it isn't nearly as firm as it was at first. After one day, everything was fine. Still seems to be of good quality construction and time will tell how it holds up - will try to return in a year to update. The pros: Very affordable price for a three layer foam design. It is medium-firm and good for multiple sleeping positions. )I've got nothing new regarding setup - it's going to be the same as everyone else. To read our analysis of that brand, please visit our Novaform Mattress Review. The Sage mattress by Sleep Innovations comes with a 2-layer design with a thin layer of gel memory foam on the top layer and dense firm support foam below. Now I am stuck with this bed and still paying for it. ... – Lmason74 on the on the Marley 12” Cooling Gel … I will never go back to an innerspring mattress.. this mattress is the best i have ever had and it didnt break the budget. I love how it conforms to my body and I'm not disturbed when my night owl wife or restless dog move around. Our customer reports indicate that Taylor mattresses can effectively isolate motion and minimize disturbances in other areas of the bed. Current selection is: California King. Our customer reports indicate that Shiloh mattresses can effectively isolate motion and minimize disturbances in other areas of the bed. Certain mattresses – particularly those with coils – can be quite noisy when bearing weight. The mattress took its full shape in an hour. Unlike what others have said, my instructions for setup did not say to let the mattress expand without sleeping on it for a certain period of time, but rather it said that body heat would help the mattress expand.First impressions. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Mattresses that are bouncier and more responsive tend to be better for sex, as they’re easier to change positions on. to original owners who purchase their Sleep Innovations mattress directly from an authorized mattress retailer. This matress is much cheaper than the pillow top we replaced. Got this to replace our high priced Sterns and Foster King which went south after just 4 years. So we started mattress shopping..... ugh how I hate mattress shopping! I am sometimes a restless sleeper, getting up and such, and my partner feels NOTHING. Compared to other memory foam options, the Marley mattress produces a minimal amount of off-gassing odor. I have been wresting with it since. Designed to conform to sleepers bodies and alleviate pain, Sleep Innovations beds are priced low and backed by 20-year warranties. Yes, it's a big heavy box, but it's manageable. There was no smell and I slept on it 12 hours after opening. Slight smell from gases of foam a couple of days that has dissipated and nothing but a great nights sleep for me and my wife! Overall, most customers liked their Sage mattress at first, but there were some that had issues with construction, durability and sagging issues. I may like that once winter gets here, but I hate it right now. Give it a week and it softens up and is extremely comfortable. Their materials are lower quality than many competitors. I've been treated with nearly every pain reliever and supplements to not much avail. It is also VERY tall. Lesson learned: You cannot purchase a mattress/memory foam from a web site unless you have gone into the store and can feel the comfort it will bring. Good value overall for the price tag.