Welcome to BIG BASS TABS, the fast growing website with free and accurate bass tablature of all your favorite artists of every genre and era and new bass tabs every day! Cheer, all the best bass expert. High quality Bass sheet music and tabs for Do I Do by Stevie Wonder. Hundreds of FREE lessons and resources. &d�٩w���`�Kø�����LR6�9�ָXS[�Wc�ٺ�j&��3No-��$㷭Z~F>-?C�p��!��:t:p*z:��. Download the PDF, print it and use our learning tools to master it. One accurate version. 23 0 obj<<016546439071D7683D244357BB73270E>]/Size 72/Root 24 0 R/Info 20 0 R/Prev 92814/Length 181/Type/XRef/Filter/FlateDecode/DecodeParms<>/Index[22 50]/W[1 2 1]>>stream Great riff – great lesson – thanks! Sir Duke. Sir Duke (Bass Only) Bass Tab by Stevie Wonder with free online tab player. Last updated on 10.27.2016 FREE Ebook Downloads, Practice Tracks, Drum Tracks and MUCH MORE! x���ko9���?��d|l�c[BHMKK��&\vG�a ��Hi&JA���:ms�� �J�Ď/����ym���唉�+K��W�(�NY��4�*o��^�H�EZ��VD�ʡ�A���,�9���ʼn�h�r^͢\T�Џ1��V�Q��Vl�NJ�����Q�j/�1�A?��F����c0A�A#b���@Q�=���*;�'M���I�T��^9�Շ�|����U��{�lXM�Qs�y���|����e�Vw\�?W�a9iR�y�פ�E� �w��W Gr8 Mark I’ve got it down thanks to you top teacher. �@����.|dٯ(j'DZ_��^�g{i�t[>�}.��h_��j�6�ݵ! So in this lesson I’ll give you some tips on how to learn long unison lines and sound a little more like the original Nate version. About Desi Serna. endobj Hi Mark, Top 5 Awesome Beatles Bass Riffs (Tabs and Tutorial), How To Play The Van Halen Mean Street Intro… ON BASS! Sign up to join a community of over 60,000 Bass Players TODAY! #��}�r�r;ñ��1�ǘ�r#��dC�-�1��I$w��9�y��x���Wlv�i��Y-~�:~ʼ=wϞ�N�������f�$�*f�;:�_d���w�~[Y��֎��V��ܰ��M;o�����>�̪�>�TT��rΑ8�9~�} #�E�ҋ@�I���\��:��R��Nx���G������,�B��`��q���@�i��ML.��bj�Ӟ���⫡�;K&�g��4�S�n�������+��"�G�n]���������9�Q��CDr��pݘT�B��Y��e�r.b��0�ЅC�S;�E��1\U���\�Β[�0�^2���of9�X�V��\MB4U�=M ����Jk��*���%(V��]eeUEEeY,���@c�gC��k�b5&ZӶ�v���l<+�J?��E)�Z��m�7w�s���@4���-{�-/�����qJ� ��m�A�A�n'v�� ��5�`��2������P{.����j4��ce��c�o�0Y��W{3�Za�k�}W��o)�g�s��xN����E��6�U���`B�4V�X�����Ԟ?�#n���_(�?��k�i�ۘ���0(b�>I5=W��6�I��6K�"�sS]1&��������k �~)�\�t��VbSĈǰXf 71 0 obj<>stream High quality Bass sheet music and tabs for Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder. Backing track. %��� %PDF-2.0 26 0 obj<>stream endobj 25 0 obj<>>>/Contents 70 0 R/Parent 18 0 R>> Artist: Stevie Wonder Song: Sir Duke Album: Songs In The Key Of Life (plus any Stevie compilation worth its salt!) Thankyou Mark on my list to work on, been doing bits ect but time to get this one under my belt. You are clear, concise and easy to follow. 30 0 obj<>stream Master this funky Stevie Wonder classic with this easy to follow video tutorial, bass tab and drum track. Sir Duke bass. I love Nate Watts/Stevie Wonder bass lines – so melodic and funky. Submitted by lbassy on July 16, 2017. Rated 3.9 out of 5 by 43 users. fresh tabs top tabs lessons submit videos . One accurate version. Free Course. (tabs & tutorial), Hysteria (Muse) – The Chris Wolstenholme Bass Classic (tabs & tutorial), 3 Killer Tips For Better Walking Bass Skills, Pentatonic Bass Runs Over The ENTIRE Fretboard (Lesson & Tab). This week we’re looking at one of the most popular unison bass lines in the shape of the instrumental section from Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder (played by Nate Watts). Album:Songs in the Key of Life. Sir Duke Stevie Wonder. Sir Duke Tab . Bass Tab. Thank you so much! subscribe share tweet. �������e❒����R��`��Xp� 2�� St/ilԛ�&⌖��{4>Q/�h�4���vr�t�M��B4& ���N��Tίh A���a���+�o�lv�p�n����v��O%���L��ViU, �C���mWKZ�O�N�N\�'�L%S0X���&�F�6MR-�`!�~h�RT�TU�4�[V�QdJPT�RQ�9M"6 d�;�:M%wم�[f����U���.��y�j �O��=�7�����bշf_N �[�8�m�D���V���:�$D"�pP(�@K6�=�D���@� ����=p@"{`�`p���w0���9k�A@��I�$g�R���@r"YJf��ArCB�:�M9����#yz�iW4r�t:�s:�Z -91�阦BM�ɖc�w)��)������d1e�=�R���@p��&gLK�s"�H�/N^_���j~^}�������E��6�L� ~�.��,���������`b��.�������"���zR1K�tη����X����>$�����CB;����G�l�7L�����n3؇�����d�k��qvh��������6�`��-&�;�� ��I�l��#t! (Tabs & Tutorial), Power (Marcus Miller) – Bass Tabs & Tutorial, Tommy The Cat – Primus – Les Claypool (Bass Tabs & Tutorial), Roundabout – Yes – Chris Squire (Bass Tabs & Tutorial), Addicted To That Rush – Billy Sheehan Tapping Workout!! ��+^��Dy\��vm�}�� – The Fingerstyle Funk Bass Of Rocco Prestia (tabs and tutorial), My Generation – The Greatest Bass Solo Of All Time? Not yet rated. x�cbd�g`b`8$؊�c�X����cH��B����s3�+���c9V(W����Nv(�R���P�U�7&�c˸�ܐ�_����B�a���WM�rkm>016�r�2�116M�r;�01�o�r��bb,��r�C_01���r'��M 譼_ ��> Comment ( 1 ) Eric. (tabs and tutorial), What Is Hip? ]7��!x�/T�X^8:�� 9u����^��Oz��~-����5�w_dd�* ��*��^7im�? Second video for me – you really nailed it. Cheers, Rob. Couldn't find what you're looking for? 22 0 obj<> Sir Duke Bass part by Elec. YUR�u)5U�X+���ɜË��UP]n|�k�M!X��&�R.��q�c�G*1��1�*��YIZ'/0�Y����m��.t��V�! Get the best Sir Duke Bass tab by Stevie Wonder @ 911Tabs.Com - tabs search engine. endstream 29 Aug 2016. From the album "Songs in the Key of Life" - S. Wonder Nathan Watts Bass by Stevie Wonder (1976) www.thebassment.info 1 Sir Duke Bass tablature for Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder. I couldn’t find the TAB anywhere but I actually liked writing it out and learning it this way too. x�c```f``kg`a`P2b`�0����dy�������)�3�_����6�/����P�D�,gЍ�6J�\������8+���z'�|@ha@ A(f`X�������ó�/me wgT�?�cX"�����P^�T >P&� �L(�ύ�E��S���D���-�!1 Recommended by The Wall Street Journal We'll find them or write them ourselves — after all, we're bass players too! ���#zD�gȭs�C��"�:�Oώߔ�%�����������Q9������`o��e�S��*S8bk��ƾ�� G�����u8�Fk�f�b�n���E�+��[qꉳ��ߙB����ޛ-*!cmT�[*�� Sir Duke. Learn how to play exactly like Stevie Wonder. j;C chords ukulele cavaco keyboard tab bass drums harmonica flute Guitar Pro. Sign up for FREE membership to get even more! Bass tablature for Sir Duke (ver 4) by Stevie Wonder. Is the video going to be grainy like that on the DVDS, Your informational video seems to be more informational. Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for sir duke by Stevie Wonder arranged by robert.l.ellison@gmail.com for Bass (Solo) Master this funky Stevie Wonder classic with this easy to follow video tutorial, bass tab and drum track. ���d�A Fernando, Awesome lesson Mark!. there isn't a video lesson for this song . Pointing out the swing feel and the position changes as written make this line come alive, great job and thank you. endstream ���Pݺ�TT���d!ZR�H�OK��B��e��B + 5�>�\\I�� DZ�2�w���E�1��b���JY��w��enN����f��;`��*�GiIGl�x�qE�Zy�Q0#{�"�Ó���R�Ң�F���\���=�lb�17r|m�s�y"����� r��2�*֒Ü��:/�]N��R�uce^6�����]튣2�MJ���E �jͬ��u��|��%&��G�r�q������W���&�be�I�I-լG�mZyq���8�"�g�c#�!��.�2���q�2*�jn����X[�L�/Pv����"Ѯ��T�16�ͬ�'�P�Ya'szj�}�վ�`�29�d������M�LW�,�No�^�׌_l�r��r�%]5��h %Vs7��L&��L�xu+�ZuYY[��Q�� JlE\6m�_S���7���aS+��[��k6��#d��~o8��ԫ\!E�\X,T�C����p��ܮ�5Cq Nu,��LK��������;��]��ͯ��g���J�K�� �=%H�G���j�(�d��*�,m��N�O� }nTt��#!�%�u�,fdNUyb+(& endobj ��W�v��";��\�v>�1h���v�.�g��A��14�n޽�e����»\��g�:&�-*��bI�ߨ���ͰGZwQ�̀ߖ&���x�=/�Y���B��4�"��Ru)r�:��w�۲S����?��x|�C�{��◮Q����wr���n�����7���%sD��^�Č�{��>�������]��]`'���e��-������ldDH��-%��E��6����$���I��S`E���g��/3_"���> �N�L��������a��:��u;"-�|A�#O�c��g���h��R����\�!�'2��I��a�����I|~:��8�]�2��eFPw�A���L�jҍ2� V�-츾�7�������0�X�%��@8�.