share . Archived. This is a wild guess but I feel like it might be pertinent to the character. 12. Manipulated by Talon and deployed as a living weapon, Sigma’s presence on the battlefield cannot be ignored. Browse through all the songs from your phone and play them. I’ve listened to it a couple times forwards and backwards and can’t identify it. Does anyone know what the piano music that sigma is obsessed with is? Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Close. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Posted by 11 months ago. !.ogg,!.ogg,,,, Sigma - Huh. (clears throat).ogg,, Sigma - (Dutch) (laughs) You never know how things will turn out.ogg,, Sigma - (Dutch) (sighs) Let's get this started.ogg,!.ogg, Sigma - (Dutch) The universe sings to me!.ogg,, Sigma - (laughs) I'm sensing a pattern.ogg,, Sigma - (Ultimate) What is that melody.ogg,, Sigma - A lovely day for field research.ogg,,,!.ogg,, Sigma - An unexpected but not unwelcome development.ogg,!.ogg,,,!.ogg,!.ogg,!.ogg,!.ogg,!.ogg,!.ogg,!.ogg,!.ogg,!.ogg,!.ogg,!.ogg,,!.ogg,,!.ogg, Sigma - Do not let the flag fall into their hands!.ogg,!.ogg, Sigma - Double... triple... quadruple check your math!.ogg,,,!.ogg, Sigma - Everything is falling into place!.ogg,, Sigma - Evidence suggests a sniper ahead.wav,!.ogg,,!.ogg,!_One_moment! I see. Sigma.,!_I_see._(clears_throat).ogg, Sigma - (distracted humming) Oh! I've read your work- it's brilliant..ogg,,,, Sigma - Let's test these hypotheses. Sigma has only just joined the scene but his Ultimate line and the accompanying piano music in the background is just utterly insane! 100% Upvoted. We don’t really know the full impact of Sigma’s Ultimate — although it does look to be rather impactful and damaging in the heat of battle — but the delivery of the line, the music, and just everything about his Ultimate quote is terrifying. !.ogg, Sigma - Give me a moment! The following 102 files are in this category, out of 102 total. Shuffle option to change track randomly. More features coming soon. Overwatch Music - Sigma Theme (Main Menu) Extended - YouTube 12 comments. save hide report. Sigma Piano Music. This page was last edited on 22 December 2019, at 15:55. It's playing again!.ogg,!.ogg, Sigma - The barrier no longer exists!.ogg,, Sigma - The breakthrough was near... I-I could feel it.ogg,,, Sigma - The equation... what was that equation again.ogg,, Sigma - The equations were correct... the problem must lie elsewhere.ogg,,_isn%27t_it.ogg, Sigma - The universe is magnificent, isn't it.ogg,,!.ogg,!.ogg,,,,,,,,,, Sigma - We need a moment to ensure all our equations are correct.ogg,!.ogg,,!.ogg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,