Sa fille Sieglinde le recherche activement afin de le convaincre de rentrer auprès de sa famille. Siegmeyer of Catarina is an Undead adventurer who dons the Catarina Set and wields the Zweihander to seek danger in Lordran. -  Fin de la quête : Vous avez éliminé tous les ennemis dans la zone avant de parler avec Siegmeyer. This makes it impossible to talk to him inside Sen's Fortress to activate his questline. Siegmeyer of Catarina is an Undead adventurer who dons the Catarina Set and wields the Zweihander to seek danger in Lordran.As the player progresses through Sen's Fortress, Siegmeyer will visit Anor Londo, where he rewards the player with a Tiny Being's Ring if they dispatch the Silver Knights in the adjacent room. We are in the same boat. Mm! My head would spin. I knew it! ...You know, I really have run up quite a debt to you. There you are. The thing just won't budge. Mmm...mmm... Mm! This knight of Catarina hereby commends you! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mm, mmm... Ah, so you see my plight? Were you repelled by the Silver Knights? Thank you, a saint you are. Well! I am saved. Sometimes one only has to give it some time. Splendid news, I tell you. Well, am I fortunate! Butin si tué : Chevalière tachetée + Humanité x3. This is quite a fix... We'll need another three, no, maybe five more bodies... Hmm...Quite a fix indeed... Mmm...mmm... Mm! Evènement 4 : Après l’avoir rencontré à Anor Londo, vous le retrouverez à Lige-feu. In an effort to regain his pride, Siegmeyer offers to help the player by sacrificing himself in Lost Izalith, to dispatch some Chaos Eaters in the poisonous pits. Well, what's on your mind? Evènement 7 : Si le chevalier a survécu à l’évènement 6 et que vous avez suffisamment progressé dans la quête de Sieglinde, rendez-vous au Lac Cendré et rejoignez le premier feu de camp de la zone. Well, wonderful. Perhaps we'll have another development? ...Perhaps the time has come... ... ...Oh, there you are. Wha! Mmm... Mm! So, here I sit, in quite a pickle. Please, take this; a symbol of my appreciation. Evènement 6 : Progressez dans l’aventure jusqu’à atteindre Izalith la Perdue, une fois là-bas, avancez jusqu’aux escaliers menant au Foyer du Chaos. But who knows? Don't you worry, the ground below me is my pillow. I am Siegmeyer of Catarina. This knight of Catarina thanks you sincerely. Hah hah hah hah! Fantastic! I'll recover shortly... Yeeg! I'll be heading down below shortly. Think about it. Oh-hoh! That's your game, is it? Evènement 5 : Rendez-vous dans le marais du Hameau du Crépuscule et, depuis le feu de camp situé là-bas, partez vers la gauche en direction de l’accès à la Grande Carcasse. What's on your mind, friend? After the bells are rung, he will be at the first boulder obstacle in Sen's Fortress, near the, After aiding him in Anor Londo, he will be at, After aiding him in Blighttown, he can be found in, If the player kills them all before he jumps down, he gifts the. And now, I go! Oh-hoh! Afterwards, he will reward the player with Emit Force in Firelink Shrine, if he is told that the player was responsible for opening the gate at Sen's Fortress. Wait! Oh-hoh! Celle-ci vous offrira alors une Tablette de Titanite et les deux quêtes prendront fin. And, voila! Hah hah hah hah! ...You defeated those monsters?! Hiyaaaaaah! Parlez-lui à plusieurs reprises pour le réveiller et donnez-lui 3 touffes de Lichen violet pour qu’il vous offre le Bouclier perforant. A portion of Siegmeyer's face, visible through his helmet's eye slit. Weighing my options, so to speak! Those monsters making life difficult for you? Evènement 3 : A Anor Londo, montez à l’étage depuis le feu de camp situé à l’intérieur du château et rejoignez le toit du bâtiment. Hrgrraaaaggh! Perish, foul creatures! Hah hah hah hah! So, here I sit, in quite a pickle. I've made it this far, but I'm short on antitode moss for the trip back. You've brought moss, perchance? First, I hear a great roar. ...Friend, I have an idea. By the honour of my knighthood! He is also very easy to stagger; a moderately poise-damaging weapon will throw him off-balance.