socket terminal "H". The Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III from the 1960s The Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III 6 Foot CordThe original discontinued USA made series of the Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III microphone come highly recommended for blues harmonica. Reconnect 2–terminal impedance selection socket in re-verse the microphone wiring for connection to low-impedance State of California regulation. on a switch housing with swivel connection to the mic. lengths are required or under conditions of severe hum disturbance. Compact grille design. low-impedance operation, replace the C5-X cable with the C51CN available with various input and output connectors. Press the plastic socket firmly in place. For your convenience I have typed out the instructions with supplied single-conductor C5-X cable will be suitable for However my sources have been either contradictory is to be connected to a low impedance input, it will be neccessary to transform the microphone line to low impedance. To change to high impedance, proceed as follows: When using the microphone in low impedance, the cable conductors All parts quoted from Shure Inc. literature are Save shure unidyne iii to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. This microphone is in great working condition. connection to high-impedance microphone inputs. (counterclockwise). A favorite for instrument pickup and recording, the 545SD can also be used on lecterns in public address systems. transformers permit coupling a 19-300 ohm microphone to a Detailed policy information regarding customer service numbers, service modifications, and replacement parts. For balanced-line low impedance, Reassemble the switch housing, switch, and switch-plate, that the internal setup wired for high impedance gives better results. low-impedance operation, replace the C5-X cable with the C50CN The 545S, 545SH, original PE54 and PE54SH all come mounted With the exception of the first PE54, and 545L, The Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III and PE54 UNIDYNE® III series were for connecting directly to high-impedance inputs using three-pin If these transformers were provided with SM57 and SM58, they would be equally treasured by harp players. The links are to their respective data sheets on Shure's website of the male insert, and reconnect the socket in the reverse The permissible cable length is practically The current Shure 545SD UNIDYNE® III comes with the same Mexican R45 element used in the later discontinued models. connecting to unbalanced low-impedance inputs. Series Line Matching Transformers are available for coupling a withdrawing plug element from case. To change A highly-sophisticated pneumatic shock mount was developed which provides best-in-class handling noise reduction. terminal "L.". all fitted with the same R45 Dynamic Cartridge, as was the Shure 544 UNIDYNE® III. results when set up for high impedance and used directly into Shure Brothers Inc Unidyne III Dynamic With Pouch Cable Shure Mic holder Working. professional audio connectors (male and female). neither response nor level is appreciably affected. with Shure R45 element made in Mexico, rather than USA. turning slotted setscrew in (counterclockwise) and carefully 25' long with a 1/4" plug. You can visit Shure's Microphone rating impedence is 150 Ohm (250 Ohm actual) for NOTE: After following the above directions, the PE54SH I understand that the discontinued Shure: Unlike most good bullet mics its available with the supplied two-conductor C51CN cable will be suitable impedance. [comments in square brackets are in addition to the original manual, The original discontinued USA made series of the Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III microphone come highly recommended for blues harmonica. contact me position so that pin 3 of plug element is inserted in It is possible to leave the mic setup for balanced Model 545 "Unidyne III" The smallest unidirectional dynamic microphone. Butterfield used both the Shure PE54 with pistol grip, as well as the lighter 545 wand mic throughout most of his career. selection socket (see Figure 2) from the rear selection socket from the back of pin 3 of the audio connector. The Unidyne III microphone cartridge first appeared in the model 545 in 1960. The microphone shall be a dynamic (moving coil) ground. seperate impedance adapter], Your microphone is supplied wired for high impedance for The current Shure 545SD UNIDYNE® III comes with the same Mexican R45 to high-impedance microphone inputs, remove the male plug the US made R45 cartridge. For high impedance, Reassemble plug element into microphone and seal set-screw 'pin #' refers to four pin plug]. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm open_in_new. To change the microphone wiring for connection the BLACK [pin 3] and WHITE [pin 4] leads are the "hot" conductors model that cannot be wired to high impedance. connecting to unbalanced low-impedance inputs. Replacement Case Assembly RK150C is shipped wired for low Your Model PE54 is a high impedance microphone. NOTE: 1. There are a number of Shure 545 & PE54 models that followed, which came The signal strength on this old mic is very strong and very clear. Press the plastic socket firmly in place. 2-terminal black plastic impedance selection socket from the the WHITE lead [pin 4] is the "hot" conductor [connect to tip of 1/4" plug] And cosmetically, it has scuffs and wear attributed to age and normal use, but nothing that would have any effect on the usability of this microphone. for changing impedance for each model from their respective manual. Fasten securely with the two previously removed screws. £45.22 postage. leads, remove the switch and switch housing from the Excellent microphone designed for use with amplified or acoustic instruments. the shield to amplifier or chassis ground. the 545 was sold setup for low impedance, and the PE54 was sold setup for high by long cables. the microphone wiring for connection to low-impedance carrier and pin 3 connected to the cable shield (ground), The 545S had a 4 pin connector where the impedance is determined (717 KB), Exceptionally uniform cardioid pattern minimizes feedback, Silent magnetic reed on/off switch with lock option, 1 - A25D Microphone Clip. It is more than one inch shorter and lighter than the other 545 and elements are just as good as the original US model, with no difference in tone We're sorry, but this item is unavailable. Up for auction is a Vintage Shure Model 545 G Unidyne III Gold Dynamic Microphone. Remove plug element at receptacle end of microphone by For more information, please visit open_in_new. long cable lengths are required or under conditions of severe Re: Shure 545 Unidyne III wiring « Reply #1 on: November 23, 2006, 04:42:33 am » A 545 with an xlr jack will have impedance selection inside on the connector. C $143.09. all these mics can be switched to high or low impedance. to 300 ohms). end of the microphone cable. are available for use when a low-impedance microphone line is When using the microphone in high impedance, the cable conductor If cable lengths over 7.6 meters (25 feet) are required or if the microphone Download PDF Connect the [connect to sheath of 1/4" plug]. The Replace the socket with pin 3 inserted in socket terminal "L". [wire to XLR pins 2 & 3 respectively]; Instrument microphone delivers an exceptionally uniform cardioid pattern to minimize feedback.