TM Technologies: Tools, Sheet Metal Shaping Machines, Gas Welding Supplies, Articles & lWorkshops for Better Metalworking The hand-operated snap-lock punch. The first hand seamer, or hand brake, featuring compound-leverage handles. Welding Machines Use: One of the oldest and most versatile metalworking tools, welding has … Glass Removal & Repair ... Dagger Tools Hand … Klein's line of HVAC tools make it easy to work with sheet metal, ductwork and tubing. This metal shaping tool works by bending sheet and plate metal, clamping the piece between a punch and die. Whereas brakes and rollers bend longer runs, there are times when small hand tools are needed for details and folding techniques. Browse the industry's best sheet metal shaping tools fit for any body shop or garage, including metal benders, bead rollers, shearers, mallets and more. The time-saving hand notcher, for a V-shaped cut in one motion. Sheet metal hand seamers are an extremely common means of bending metal in small increments. These tools … Sheet Metal tools (HVAC) | Klein Tools … ... Work Carts. Just the right tools for crimping, bending, folding or seaming metal. These job-matched tools are proven to stand the test of time with superior results.