LASER CENTRUM CZ is a family business, with its production premises located in the north of Czech Republic, having great transport access and borderin... Fine sheet metal work, Metal processing: Cutting & Drawing , Metal processing: Fabrication, Metal processing: Machining, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Steel, Zinc/Zinc Alloys, Agriculture, Automotive, Building/Construction, Defence/Security/Military, Equipment manufacturing, Industrial subcontractors, Machine building/Machines tools, Packaging, Shipbuilding and port facilities, Transport/Logistics, thermal and surface treatments, turning, Agriculture machinery, Assembly Processes, Cutting, Drawing, Finishing, Handling equipment, Laser cutting on sheet metal, Machining, Metal processing, Milling, Powder and paint booth, Prototypes, Shot blasting, Subways and urban transport makers. Therefore, it is very important to strictly control the quality. Being established in 2008 in Turkey. Aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper superhard aluminum alloy is the first choice for Avionics. In addition, we offer our free production capacities in metal fabrication at your disposal. Capabilities . Working across a wide range of sectors, from one off project... Fine sheet metal work, Metal processing: Cutting & Drawing, Laser cutting - flat products, Laser cutting - profiles and tubes, Laser cutting robot, Powder coating - Treatment line, Sheet metal folding machine, Aluminium, Brass, Copper , Stainless Steel, Steel, Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Building/Construction, Defence/Security/Military, Electronics, Energy/Nuclear, Equipment manufacturing, Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals, Industrial subcontractors, Machine building/Machines tools, Steel/Metals. We supply high-quality products and services. This product is small-volume CNC machining, custom-made CNC aluminum parts. We also produce food-grade bending parts, which can be used in coffee machines and other household appliances. And we work to offer a win-win situation which is customer satisfaction, staff happiness. Over the years, we’ve learned that great service begins and … The production process includes blanking, bending, pressure riveting, welding, grinding, electroplating powder, spraying and screen printing. HSJ sheet metal processing factory was established in 2015 and owns 5 years of experience in this field. If you want metal fabrication service china, please contact us. We work with cruise line operators, shipyards, architects, general cont... Electricity, Fine sheet metal work, Industry Services, Welding, MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Welding machine, Aluminium, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Steel, Building/Construction, Industrial subcontractors, Machine building/Machines tools, Service provider, Shipbuilding and port facilities, Welding constructions, Fishing boats, Aluminium boats, Tugs, Trawlers, Steel Containers, Tanks and Silos, Non-standard Steel Constructions, Bridges, Ship Loading Conveyors, MIG/MAG, Shipbuilding, Ship repair, Subcontracting, Qualified Personnel Leasing, Electrical installation, Ship Outfitting works, TIG welding. We can make high precision CNC parts, multi Axis CNC parts, etc. The material of this product is aluminum galvanized sheets(stainless steel, mild steel, steel alloy ). As a professional sheet metal components manufacturer, HSJ offers expert CNC machining services. HSJ works to provide high-quality sheet metal fabrication services to our customers. This product is ground housing/ ground cover. A sheet metal fabrication service provider should only be using qualified and experienced machinists that can carry out every step of the fabrication process. Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts, Metal Stamping Parts, Metal Laser Cutting Parts and Metal Banding Parts, etc. REQUEST A QUOTE SERVICE AND CRAFTSMANSHIP. Please, choose the machinery equipment and installation you want your subcontractor to have from the dropdown menu. The material is Stainless steel galvanized steel electrolytic plate. Every hole we follow the customer's drawing size. Çağıral Makina started its business life in the 1st industrial site in 1987. HSJ offers customized service of sheet metal bending parts and precision bending parts with tight tolerance. The tolerance of our precision laser cutting sample honey comb plate is +/- 0.02 mm - 0.1 mm. And our business is mainly in the automotive, ... Fine sheet metal work, High precision parts manufacturing - up to 10 cm3, Metal processing: Machining, Metal processing: Semi-finished products, Metal processing: Special machines, Models/Patterns/Prototypes, Moulds, Drilling / Tapping centres, Machining Center - 4 Axes, Machining Center - 5 Axes, Measuring arm, Turning / milling center, Aluminium, Brass, Carbon steel, Copper , High speed steel, Plastics, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aerospace, Automotive, Equipment manufacturing, Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals, Machine building/Machines tools, Steel/Metals, Moulds, Prototypes, Industrial equipment, Special tools, Medical, Manufacture of aluminium low pressure casting parts, Manufacture of injection molds, Manufacture of molds and tools by measure. Please, list the products/services you are interested in. All from our advanced factory near Stevenage in Hertfordshire. The three elements of sheet metal stamping: reasonable stamping technology, advanced molds, and efficient stamping equipment. TURIST INZINERING LTD. is a family operated business, with its production premises located in City of Ohrid - Republic of North Macedonia.The prod... Fine sheet metal work, Metal processing: Fabrication, Metal processing: Semi-finished products, Other, Welding(Transmission Line Towers Manufacturing), Bender, Bending machine - Tubes, Column type drill, Cutting press, Drilling / Tapping centres, Guillotine, Hydraulic press, Marking machine, MIG Welding, Mobile crane, Paint booth, Plasma Cutting equipment, Powder coating - Treatment line, Powder coating oven, Profiles bending machine, Punching machine, Quick drilling machine, Sheet metal folding machine, Spot welder, TIG Welding, Welding machine, Aluminium, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Steel, Zinc/Zinc Alloys, Building/Construction, Energy/Nuclear, Engineering/Design/Research, Equipment manufacturing, Industrial subcontractors, Service provider, Steel/Metals, Telecommunications, Racks, Sheet metal parts, Electrical cabinets, Power transmission products, Shelves, Assembly and integration of sheet metal, Cut sheet metal, Drilling, Fine sheet metal work, Mechanical assembly, Powder coating, Punching on CNC turret press, Semi-finished and finishing products, Shearing, Sheet Metal Laser Cutting, Sheet Metalwork , Laser Cutting, Sheet Metal Bending , CNC Punching, Sheet metal Forming, Welding , Powder Coating, Steel sheet folding, Steel sheet metal work metal sheet bending, TIG/MIG welding.